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automatic rise if hbsab

Last november my hbsab was 81 ul/l, and in april it rised to 256ul/l. What factor could trigger this increase? I have hbsag, hbcab hbeab and hbe negative.
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        I need some help too, i have never checked hbsab before but my hbsab is 3,1  (L)  . is it high or low?
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It is considered to be inmuned to HBV if you have a hbsab above 10ul/l. In your case, it may be due to a vaccine at the early years.
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that is why i have a vaccine today?
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Antibodies are produced by our immune system. If you were exposed to HBV recently, your immune system very rapidly, because of previous vaccination, increases production of HBsAb to counteract the virus. This may explain the increase in HBsAb.
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Is it possible that someone has HBsAb > 1000, about 12-15 years after vaccination or there was probably some contact with virus which boosted HBsAb ?
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