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chronic hepatitis b fibrosis regression

Is a long term fibrosis also reversible? And what depends on that wheter fibrosis can be regressed or cant on a particular patient?

What viral load should I aim for the fibross to regress?
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fibrosis and compensated cirrhosis can be regressed by all the following points:
hbvdna und
healthy diet with no processed foods, no fats, no red meat, few white meat
no fatty liver
low bmi/wieght (overwieght can t regress fibrosis)

being fat and overweight increases fibrosis despite hbvdna und, all points needed
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would you advice l-carinine and 5 times a week exercises?
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first you need fibroscan and thn we can think about it, if you want to lose weight look at my diet by searching the post "update on my fatty liver"
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hbv dna you mean undetectable hbv dna? What level?

I have no fatty liver at least usg scans didn't show that (but neither they shown fibrosis, which was detected by fibroscan closing to level 3 on 4. Now I have bmi below, im a very skinny person, but still i think i have a belly which is weird I weigh 78 kg on 184 at best, had some 71-72 kilograms but that was when I was taking l-carnitine with exercises (still didnt had absolute flat belly).

No processed foods, you mean also those from bio-shops like no-gluten no processed grains etc?
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as for the stiffness fibroscan shown 10.3, but I guess thats an average, cause some areas on 10 trials had shown 29.9 kpa. What can alter fibroscan readings?
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Doctors say I have a weird situation, cause liver is small, usg shown absolutely nothing (almost 5 scans during last 3 years each with the same result), my blood test results were most of the times low but fibroscan shown metavir f2-3, but my doc said it should be lower scale f2-2 or something if I remember correctly

When they performed fibroscan I had hbv dna 3200 iu/l alt 38-41 u/l
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by the way. Should I or shouldn't I drink coffee and tea?

"Our results suggest that coffee consumption may reduce the risk of liver cancer regardless of HCV and HBV infection status, whereas green tea may not reduce this risk.(Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2009;18(6)"
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10kpa is very high, at 11-13kpa you are in the cirrhosis area, you need to start  tenofovir as soon as possible and use organic food only with no chemicals in it, no preservatives, that s all

coofee 4 cups a day, vit d3 5000iu daily a must to regress cirrhosis

bmi less than 25, dont post about your kg or how tall you are, bmi less than 24

this is all
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4 cups a day as a limit or prescription? I hear contradictory opinions on coffee, but most of them agree that over 2 cups daily might damage the liver? And what kind of coffee, the starbucks americano kind of coffee (fresh grains, no sugars, just milk) or just the instant coffee? Cause they differ in "power" from what I've heard

As for the processed foods, so that means no milk, no canned food no conservants, no pastas or other grain-processed foods etc right? Does that mean I should eat gluten-free food too and all this biofarm stuff?

You mentioned in your blog black rice and blueberries in high ammounts, why they are so important?

once again thank you stef
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also there were some opinions that drinking silmarine tea with curcumine (spice) might help, or silmarine grains (the herb). Is this of any use?
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sorry can t keep answering to obvious things already menthioned in the community, do not refer to normal doctors they are all ignorants or not updated, everything from them is mostly wrong and not updated, refer to pubmed researches, very expert liver specialists always going to conferences more than once a year and so very updated or refer to researchers directly

every 6-12months there are news so doctors not updating are out
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ok, but you are sure you are not talking about regressing fatty liver fibrosis but fibrosis in general? My liver is not fatty thats the point and reducing fat further will change something?

Also, you took heptech products. Tell me do you have to take almost 24 pills daily for over a year? Whats the daily dosage of taurine, d3, vit e etc ? Cause since its prescripted hearing how big doses (24 pills) doctors will call me crazy to ask for those supplements
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that s a diet, not chemical pills or synthetic vitamins.

i never counted the number of pills you have to take as indicated 3+2+2+1 per meal
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no prescription needed, same products can be found on http://www.advanceliferesearch.com/

just check the ingredients and you ll find the same product as in heptech, just marketed for longevity
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I think with 10Kpa you should do the things in order stef posted them...
I mean deal with HBV DNA first and then look at blueberries...
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