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cure for hep b

need a reply
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Totally depends on stage, is it acute or chronic. If acute and ur immunity is strong u might not require any treatment but in very few people it could take an aggressive path which in long term without treatment can lead to liver failure. If chronic then u definetly require treatment, involving antiviral drugs such as lamivudine? This all depends on your case file and details
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'If chronic then u definetly require treatment, involving antiviral drugs such as lamivudine'

Lamivudine?!  Definitely NOT a good drug when there are better choices nowadays.

Besides, not all chronic carriers require treatment.  There are guidelines as to when treatment should be started.  Find a GOOD liver doctor, not one who prescribes lamivudine to every hep b patient.
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where should i find a liver doctor in cebu city can u give me the name of the doctor or what hospital ty.
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I'm not from the Philippines, so can't answer this question.

Maybe other members can.
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i got this in web..try to read f it is true..


George had already had chronic hepatitis B for seven years by the time I first met with him. Drug medicine had not helped, and yet vitamin therapy had never been offered to him. Here is his account of it:

"I hadn't had many serious symptoms except fatigue for years. My liver function tests and bilirubin counts remained elevated. Worse, the disease had caused cirrhosis of my liver.

"I have been treated on two occasions with Prednisone, a steroid drug. Although this did bring my liver tests down, the side effects were terrible and the tests elevated after discontinuance of the drug. Then, the tests again rose to an alarming level and the doctors (by this time I had consulted a number of them) told me there wasn't anything else they could do.

"It was at this time I became a health nut. Since then, I have been taking megadoses of vitamins faithfully and have concentrated more on fresh fruits and vegetables. I now take 25,000 to 30,000 milligrams of vitamin C orally every day; large amounts of B-complex; a mega-multi vitamin; lecithin; desiccated liver tablets; chelated magnesium; and vitamin E.

"The results of my latest tests (taken last week) show the lowest level of bilirubin and lowest liver function scores in over a year. And this without any Prednisone.

"My doctor is surprised and still skeptical about megavitamins. She says she can't condone what I'm doing (there's not enough "medical" research on it) but she does say I had better keep doing it.

"Tell my case to people who remain unconvinced. I was a skeptic once myself."

George got these results in 9 weeks. I met him again more than ten years later. He was still taking "all those vitamins." And he had remained entirely symptom-free.
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hi taga cebu pod ka?ako pod.nangita pod ko asay Dr.dri sa liver.
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