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diet hbv

Hey guys,

What is the best diet for chronic hbv ?

What eat and what not eat?
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No salt, lower proteins that are hard to digest. Low iron, vit a and raw foods are hard to digest except certain fruits.  The Liver Foundation website has loads of diet tips. I think cooked eggs/omelets and pasta are great choices.  Just really watch the salt! No processed foods and hard cheeses have higher salt content.  I'm a PBJ gal, so that's been my comfort food.  

NO alcohol or soda! A bicarbonate Pepcid/anti acid  combo prescription pill taken each night helps too! Drink water!  For constipation, Marla's is the safest.

Good luck! Dbz
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Thanks veteranB,

What about milk,  yellow cheese, supplements , sweets, chocolate?

Should I take any viatmins ?
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no fried food or heavy food. Boiled chicken, meat, soups is fine, and eat raw vegetables and fruits.

Basically a strict diet, like athletes do with lots of protein. If you get cravings for fried food once or twice a month is ok.

also cut out high sugar intake drinks, like sodas and all that. That makes you gain wait and burdens the liver. Cut out white bread too.
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