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do u think this is true?

Just curios about this if it is true that someone claimed who has Hepa B. Test are as under:

SGPT was normal
HBs Ag was reactive
Hbe was reactive

But after eating lots of fruits and vegetables without eating meat and flavored foods his Hbe becomes non-reactive in less than 2 weeks and Hbs virus level becomes low from 2.70 to 0.75 while the cutoff value is 0.45 for that test. But when he stop eating fruits and vegetables his Hbs becomes high again.

Do you think eating fruits and vegetables alone can be able to get rid of hbsag virus and eventually cure for hbv?
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I don't think one can conclude much with just these tests. I would guess that:
1. this person has acute Hepatitis B
2. The numbers you gave for HBsAg were from a qualitative test: these numbers do not mean much: they are just good enough to conclude whether the person tested positive for HBsAg or not.

But, yes... eating good food is always A Good ThingĀ®!
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Your question gave me attention here are my result HbsAg (-) Hbse (-) Hbsc (+) before i dont know what all of this. i consider my self infected im freaking out all doctors in STD clinic went to  see me. i had the feeling they don't want to see me because almost every day i was there asking about my result that i can't understand it. all i know i was infected. i keep on praying every day every night asking for forgiveness on what ive done. coz its a long story. can't eat ,sleep,and think. im only eating fruits and i drink a lot of water. and also vegetables specialy brocoli, and carrots i love to steem and  mushroom. the most Im portant here is i Belive in God and i want to spreed the good news i was healed by Him.. thats why don't loose hope.... Don't Stop believeing
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Indeed only God can heal the incurable just believe. Our Jehovah Rapha!
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