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duplicate Hepatitis B series

We recently had to switch pediatricians.  I am quite sure my 11 year old twins received Hep B series as infants however when we got their records, this isn't reflected.  My older child did have the series and all three saw the same pediatrician at the same practice since birth.  School requires proof so they had to receive the series again.  Did this hurt them?  This morning after shot number 3 (6??) they have stomach pain and severe muscle aches.  I have no explanation for why the immunizations aren't shown on early records.  Dr. switched from paper records to all electronic about 8 years ago.  Could records have been incompletely transferred?  
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this is the hep C forum. perhaps you should post your question on the hep B forum...
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Yes, they could have made  mistake - human are involved here so yes.  I would be concerned because my daughter was mistakenly immunized twice for Hep B and after doing research (she is a LPN) she found she was in danger of Multiple Sclerosis as a result.  Please ask you Doc about this.  You are wise to be concerned.  Don't freak out - just know your instincts are correct!!!  You are a great Mom.  

I don't know what to do myself about this as it is too late now but maybe others will read this and it will help them.  

Uncledudeness is right about this being for HEP C.  Ooooooou.  Better not go to the wrong site - you are a bad girl - just kidding.  I am glad you are seeking answers for your children.  
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