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i am hbv positive hbeag and hep be ab also positive but the quantitatve assay is 1.3-8.2 log iu/ml  (20-17,000,000 iu/ml      1 iu/ml of hbv dna is aproximately 5.82 copies/ml i check altrasond and cat scan there is no problem in my liver and the doctor said to me there is no evedence in your blood i have a very small propertion hbv in my body even i didnit take any medicine idonint remeber when i infected  i know about  hbv recently when i check blood test and now iwonit to merry  but i afried i didnit tell to my fiancy about hbv please advice me about my hbv
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It is not clear what is the state of your Hepatitis B. You seem to be:
HBsAg positive
HBeAg positive
HBeAb positive
Hbvdna (viral load) - no data, 1.3-8.2 log iu/ml is the reference range
ALT -  no data
AST - no data

Hepatitis B is a chronic disease. It requires long term monitoring. Get treatment when it is necessary, otherwise live a normal healthy life-style, avoid drinking and avoid excessive weight.
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tanung ko lang po may pag asa pa po bang gumaling ang reactive heppa b?
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