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help with reading results

Just foud out results

ANTI HBs-negative
what does it mean - acute or cronic?

and my husbend

ANTI HBs-negative

can it be possible that I am cronic and not infected him? if he is infected and fight off virus he will be
ANTI HBs positive or I am wrong?

Can that mean I am acute and I still have chances to become immune?

Please need advice fast!
I wish everyone Happy and Healty New Year!
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what was your results for anti-hbc?
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anti HBc negative both my husbend and me.
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Unless your husband was recently infected and too early for detection, then his test results show that he has never been infected with Hep B and doesn't have it.  He should get vaccinated right away though.  

For yourself, was your IGM anti hbc positive or negative?  A positive would indicate an recent infection and in the acute stage most likely.  If it is negative then it is possible that you may be chronic.  
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One thing about your anti hbc result is that if your HBsAg is positive, then the anti hbc should be positive too.  However, you are negative, so I am not sure what that means.  Someone with more knowledge can answer that for you on here.  
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test igm hbc ab, hbc ag and hbvdna (with detection under 104copies/ml), alt/ast

if igm and hbvdna if one of the two is positive you are in acute stage or just been infected

i don't remember exactly but the first sign of infection is hbsag them antibodies for hbcag (detected by igm) and after hbvdna and alt elevation
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I just got the results from Macedonian Academy of sciences for genetical enginering. They have made test for  HBV with HBV / DNA / PRC (I dont know what does it mean?)
Analysis material: serum
Method: Amplicor HBV Monitor Kit; Roche Molecular systems, USA; PCR amplification to Hepatitis B virus

Result: The results have not shown presence of Hepatitis B virus.
date: 09-02-2010

Now, I am 38 weeks pregnant, and next weel am planing to do tests anagin at clinique for infectology in Macedonia, i.e. where the first time I was tested.
Can in the meantime someone tell me what these results mean?

from 29-12-09:
HBsAg positive
Anti Hbs tot negative
HBeAg negative
anti HCV negative

and now 09-02-10

HBV DNA PRC negative

Thank you soooo much for the support.
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I forgot to mention that my ALT 10 and AST 13 LDH  441 and Gama-gt 1/L = 9 from 29-12-09
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what is anti HCV (ECLIA) non reactive means? pls help
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hcv virus test but not useful to say if you have virus or cleared

hcvrna pcr is better
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