ack, in a few years ago i have done hep A vaccinetion 3 shots , but it seems not working......I got it too now. so i have hep A and B ....
here is my report Screening for IgG antibody to hepatitis A virus (HAV) is POSITIVE. If this test has been requested to verify the need for immunization, the individual is protected. If acute HAV hepatitis is suspected, consider requesting IgM anti-HAV antibody to confirm that this result does not represent past exposure or infection.
anyone knows Is  hep A  cureble?
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hep a not chronic.
you had to verify your igg was negative prior getting the vac.
and after getting the vac, you need to retest the igg to show positive.

If you had igg positive before the vac, that means you already had hep a in the past, but it never becomes chronic, so you are already immuned against new infection.
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thanks a lot  for replying .  ack kind of worry fatty liver + hep A , B.
my specialist told me , I need another 8 pounds lost , my fatty liver will be gone.
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