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hep b homeopathic treatment

was just wondering if anybody has tried any homeopathic treatment for chronic hep b??
i've come across this web site:


i've contacted them and they told me to send them a copy of my blood work and from that they would be able to create some pills that are going to lower my viral load.

i've also read quite a few testimonials and a lot of people were satisfied with the results from these pills.

so i was wondering if anybody has tried this and how they like it, before i'm going ahead myself with this.

thanks a lot.

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Not I know of here.  If you do decide to try, please keep us updated.
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Homeopathy=sugar pills

Yes, I did try it before I started real medicine... not because I had hopes for it... I had enough time while waiting before all my tests reports were out, and I was still researching on what (real) medicines to use. I tried this out because I had nothing much else to do, and homeopathy is cheap. As expected, this made absolutely no difference to my viral load or ALT levels.

As an exercise, I recommend that you try to find out more about the homeopaths' claims: see what success rate they report with their medicines. (I did this.) If they report a 90-95% success rate, find out two things: 1. if an adult gets infected with HepB, what percent of people clear the disease through their own antibodies, and 2. What is the range of age that these homeopaths report such a success range for.
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