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hep b test results

A few years ago I was diagnosed with chronic heb B. My latest test results show:

Hepatitis B e antigen - not detected (in my previous blood test it was detected)
Hepatitis B e antibody - not detected
Viral Load DNA - not detected (in my previous blood test this was detected but very low 31 IU,ml)

The fact that the e antigen and Viral DNA are no longer detected, does this mean am im cured? But can i be cured if i dont have the antibody?
If i stop my medication (baraclude) will the virus come back (as i dont have the antibody)

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The fact that the e antigen and Viral DNA are no longer detected, does this mean am im cured?

you have to monitor hbsag quantity, that's the only way to understand if it is decreasing and clearing.abbott architect and roches hbsag quantification are the tests to quantificate hbsag

baraclude lowers hbvdna and make hbeag negaive so that there is no liver damage but infection goes on
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thx for the reply stefano.....you have confirmed my undestanding...so basically im still a carrier but my virus is currently inactive...

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yes you got it right but it is low replication, not inactive

if there is no liver damage on biopsy and there is no increased hcc risk from precore/bcp antivirals like entecavir and tenofovir are not really helpful

i'd try combos of interferon+alinia and these antivirals, both etv or tnf are ok, to try to decrease hbsag
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