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hepa b

Hi sir i hope you can help my situation

thi is the result of hepa B panel ant HBVDNA
hbsag 1795.16 reactive
hbs non reactive
hbeag .34 non reactive
anti hbe .01 reactive anti hav .45 non reactive
hbc total 12.61 reactive hcv .13 non reactive

< 6 IU/ml < 35 copies/ml The method used for HBV DNA Viral Load PCR is COBAS TaqMan HBV Test. The detectable range with this method is 6 - 110,000,000 IU/ml (35 - 640,200,000 copies/ml). The quantification is homogenous for all HBV genotypes tested.

My doctor said,no need for treatment...is it true?

is there is a chance to remove these virus to make my test non reactive?

i will wait your response..thank you..
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