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hepatitas B is cure able

see below my lab result i need to know that is this virus is cure able if yes then how can i get your recommeded medicine please see below my lab result and sugest me the medicine

Liver functions test   petient value         normall value
total bilirubin        0.5 mg/dl             0.2-1.0
ALT (S.G.P.T)          52 U/L                Male= 0-40
AST (S.G.P.T)          26 U/L                upto 40
Alk.phophate           107 U/L               40-129
total protien          7.5 g/dl              6.4-8.3
S.albumin              4.6 g/dl              3.4-4.8
Globulin               2.9 g/gl              2.5-3.5
A/G ratio              1.59                  1.2-2.2

Anti HBC IgG          1.500 (Cutoff)         0.491 (patient value)
Anti HBC IgM          0.280 (cutoff)         0.014 (patient value)
HBeAg                 0.200 (cutoff)         0.014 (patient Value)
Patient value lower than cut off is considered positive in the test

HBV DNA PCR 6x100000 copies/ml

HBsAg = 137.810
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You can read here for cure/clearance rates and more useful information:


From the way I read this lab report, it is unclear whether or not you are acute or chronic. I’m confused by the wording in the lab report that says, “Patient value lower than cut off is considered positive in the test”. Does this mean that your IgM is positive? If so, you may still be in the acute stages and have a good chance of clearing the virus. Have you had 2 separate positive tests for HBsAg that are 6 months apart?
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thank you very much for your reply but my docter saying that is cronic infection but as per you if my Anti HBC IgM is positive as per report this actue hapititas what medicine you recommed to clear this virus?
last month i did HBsAg test that was positive
and am using hepsera 10mg from last six month as per docter advise my question is that only hepsera am i able to clear that virus
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If I’m reading your last post correctly and you have had 2 positive HBsAg tests that are 6 months apart, then you are considered chronic.

Once you have become chronic, then your chances of clearing the virus is very low. The reason for taking Hepsera is not to clear the virus; it is only meant to control the virus. At this time, there is not a cure for chronic HBV.

In addition to Hepsera, there are other medicines available to control HBV and they are all listed in the link to the “Welcome Page” I supplied above, but none of these medicines will “cure” HBV.

It is best to continue to be regularly monitored by your doctor and let your doctor manage the HBV with anti-viral medications that are approved for treatment of HBV.
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is chronic hepatitis b curable
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re-read NashPred's first comment.
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