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hepatitis A B C Testing

I've tested HIV negative at 12 weeks on the same day I asked for a Hepatitis test. I dont know what test they are doing! how accurate would a Hepatitis teat be at a uk hosbital??? What is the window period? im looking for  % accuracy 12 weeks post exposure. Is the test likely to be conclusive at 12 weeks.

Im going to phone them on Monday what questions should i ask??

My exposure was as follows.

First of all I was staying in a hotel on my own for a couple of nights, on the first night i vigorously mastibated myself after about 8 pints of larger. I had a very sore **** - I'm 37.

The following night I visited a strip/sex club after more alcahol (Don't ask me why i dont usually do this sort of thing)

I fingerd one woman then mastibated I didn't *** (lasted 5 mins)
Then I recived unprotected oral from a woman. I know she had just seconds beforehand sucked off a couple of men to completion. (I strongly feel she had *** in her mouth when she comenced with sucking my ****)  I didnt ***, however when i felt her brests I could feel *** on her body and my hand. I wiped my hands on some sheet/chair and left without ejaculation. (this lasted about 5 mins again)

Then I masterbated to completion whilst viewing another woman dance.

The mucous sking on my uncircumcised **** was exposed to vaginal fluid, saliva and ***!

After 1 week i had pain im my **** after urinating for 5 days. I orderd antibiotics for clamidia and gonorea of the internet and it all claeard up after 3 days.

Ive had all the following symptoms

Week 3 Very red skin on forhead and back-side of neck ( Like sun burn)
Week3&4 Couldent eat felt sick (lost 9lb now 1st  at week 10)
Week 4 Sore Throat, Cold and Night Sweats
Week 5 mucels of my neck becoming very sore and painfull
Week 5 Some light night sweats
Week6 swollen lymph glands in my neck and just in front of my ears. They are not visable but easy to feel. Same applies to my groin area right side much worse than left side)

Painfull neck and lymph nodes have stayed with me till now week 11.
My cold still comes and goes better one day then bad again on the following day.

Please help!
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any one please comment
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hbv is a benigne illness for adults and never gets crhonic if immune system is not suppressed like for aids or drug addicts or drugs to cure diseases (many drugs damages immune system), hbv has also no symthoms, only very few cases who clear hbv have symthoms and the symthoms are due to our immune system clearing the virus, hbv itself makes no damage to human body

if you want to test hbsag, hbsab and hbcab are the tests
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Are you saying I hve no risk of HCV only HBV.
Also are you saying if I did have HBV I will almost certanly clear the virus?
How accurate/conclusiive would you say the  hbsag, hbsab and hbcab tests are 12 weeks post exposure?
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tested negative for Hep B at 12 weeks post exposure. My doctor says this is conclusive to you guys agree? is there any chance i have Hep c from above mentioned exposure?
oral sex with precence of *** in womans mouth!
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This is bad advice, not true
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Mark, I think you're fine...... I think you have a guilty conscience for cutting loose and perhaps it went a bit further than you wanted to, now maybe you feel guilty for your actions, but shouldn't.... We're all human, and sex feels good, stop beating yourself up over this.

The neg Hep B test at 12 weeks is pretty much accurate. put that one out of your mind. Hep C and HIV? You didn't do anything that would have put you at great risk, as the behaviors above isn't typical of transmission of those viruses.

Now, if while you were getting your **** sucked, you accidently sat on a used hypodermic needle, then I'd say you're at risk and need testing for both Hep C and HIV..... What you did at the club? You might need a stronger antibotic, and to chillax a bit.. Just take a deep breath, and let the guilt go, there's no reason you should beat yourself up over this. Stop punishing yourself for a walk on the wild side.
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