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hepatitis B core antibody positive

Me and my wife were determined to have Hepatitis B core antibody positive but surface antigen negative. We are expecting our first child. Now, some of the doctors told us we have nothing to worry about, however, one or 2 doctors said that we have to immunize the baby as soon as it is born and that is not recommended to breasfeed the baby since the mother is hep.B core antibody positive.
I would greatly appreciate if you'd clarify whether there are any risks for the baby if it will be breastfed. Thank you.
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I am sorry to break into this thread, but I have a ? for all you knowledge junkies ( I include myself in this catagory). Have any of you seen the May 2004 article in reader's digest "Making Medicine Safe"? It is about the tpmt gene enzyme. It may explain why some clear on this tx and some don't, it also may explain why some have worse sides than others. Do a Google search on and type in "tpmt gene enzyme".  It is very interesting reading. Maybe we can educate more doctors. Lord knows they need it.

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hep b vaccination is now routinely given to infants, so it might not have anything to do with your heb b diagnosis.  Follow the advice given and contact your local chapter of La leche league.
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Thanks for posting the info.

Congratulations on your husband clearing by week #8!!! And early 20th anniversary wishes are in order!!!

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Have ya'll ever heard of this bill. Sounds like it would help people to get dx sooner.That would be great!

Legislators Introduce Federal HCV Plan
Liz Highleyman

ON MAY 23, SENATORS Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA) introduced the Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act (S 1143), a bill that would require the federal government to develop a comprehensive national treatment and prevention plan for hepatitis C?the first federal response to the HCV epidemic.

The legislation would create HCV public awareness campaigns; implement screening, counseling, and surveillance programs; and fund professional training and HCV research.

The bill is supported by the National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council, a new coalition composed of nearly two dozen organizations?including the Hepatitis C Support Project?spearheading the same kind of advocacy around HCV that has successfully garnered more attention and funding for HIV/AIDS.

It is currently estimated that 4 million people in the U.S. are infected with HCV and about 15,000 die from complications related to the disease each year. Researchers estimated in the April 2003 issue of Liver Transplantation that while the rate of new HCV infections has decreased dramatically, the prevalence of cirrhosis and its complications will likely increase over the next 10-20 years: decompensated cirrhosis by more than 100%, liver cancer by about 80%, and liver-related deaths by 180%. If untreated, as many as one-third of people infected in the past may develop cirrhosis by the year 2020.

Please write or call your congress members and ask them to support this important legislation. A House of Representatives companion bill to S1143 is expected to be introduced within weeks.

See www.senate.gov and www.house.gov for addresses and phone numbers.
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Great info!!!

Hopefully, if the <a href="http://www.hepcnetwork.org/">National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council</a> can muster anything in the neighborhood of the political pull that the HIV organizations have, hepatits C will finally gain some serious attention in Congress.

Thanks alot for posting it!!!


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Hi,,,Thread was closed where you posted down below so wanted to reply to ya. If I remember correctly you are in early 40's so definitely not due to old!  I do realize as we get older,,,these things will happen but just think its weird that I have noticed this getting so bad while on tx.  I definitely am thinking its due to that......Maybe some others will say also!
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Yeah I guess you are right I'd rather blame it on the tx anyways :-)
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The June HCV march has been ongoing for a few years now, this year's march was canceled but the rest of the events were scheduled to go on.  I heard nothing on hcv this weekend and they had a 4 day event in DC..
If I am able I will try and play my part next year, banning another presidential death,  in the meantime I should contact Hilary and get her involved.
BTW there is a site that is keeping a  "live body" count on hcv  infections:
this one is old but interesting:
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Re: Our spokespersons

I have the same opinion about Pam Anderson.... Naomi Judd does do a lot for the cause...but her comments about not being able to talk on shows like Jay Leno & Letterman because they are comedians doesn't make sense to me.....Why doesn't she go on shows like Primetime,
Dateline or others that have a more serious format to get the word out......but jmho ;)

Cuteus: Like you I haven't read or heard any news about HC events in Washington this week.

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honey, I agree w/ you on the age in women. I think soestimes it is harder on us women....esp. maybe being post meno. and all. Love and prayers to ya girl, Cindee

Debra, I just wanted to say DITTO on the Namoni Judd thing. She says she's such an advocate for Hep, but like you say....why not go on Primetime, Dateline, 20/20 or a show like that to bring more attention to Hep. I have read her book "Love Can Build A Bridge". I had more respect for her a couple of years back, than I do now. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck on your quest to fight this virus!!!!!! I will keep you in my prayers, Cindee
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Hey...saw this down on bottom thread and thought it might be some interesting info for everyone if you haven't already read it  
Wkwithit was her screenname

(05-Jun-04)  . Hi...I'm a nurse and have worked in the hepatitis c field for a few years...happy to help...Genotype 2 and 3 are the easiest ones to clear and the treatment is only 6 months. However, new information shows that genotype 3 is associated with having steatosis (fatty liver). This makes the virus more aggressive and the liver damage can progress faster. If the liver biopsy shows mild damage and your viral load is less that 600,000 international units then the treatment is 6 months. However, if the biopsy shows bridging fibrosis or cirrhosis or the viral load is higher than 600,000 then treatment is needed for 48 weeks because if you treat for only 24 weeks, the rate of relapse is 25%.

A cat scan or ultrasound can tell you if there are tumors but cannot tell exactly how much liver damage you have...only a biopsy can do that.

Re: Genotype 2....the easiest one to treat...treatment is needed for only 6 months and success rate is about 82%. Viral loads vary greatly in just a few days. Hepatologists consider a viral load >2,000,000 as being high and more difficult to treat....but I have seen people with 87 million clear.

Good luck to you..
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I am getting stronger in the feel that I got hcv for a reason, and that is to somehow speak out about it.
I am reluctant to do it now, because having a girl of 15, sensitive and not thinking herself "popular", I would hate to see her exposed to cruel words and behaviors by the ignorant teens in our district.  I don't even post a pic in hot heps because I don't want any one to recognize me at this time.  My teen is now exhibiting strong character points that leads me to think she can handle things should they  happen, plus she has befriended a very politically involved, gay teen in her school. He is open about his convictions and that has influenced her character.
I was debating about going to the june 11 march, it would have taken about 1-2 hrs by Amtrak one way but it could have been done.  I was chicken about the exposure.  I feel myself getting stronger in the conviction that we have to speak out in masses if anything is to change.  
I am game for the next march.

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