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Hello Sir,

I am 28ys old.

I consulted with doctor regarding hepatitis b as per my doctor's suggestion I have created reports of blood test. in those reports the result came that my liver is normal, urine report is normal and blood report contains HBsAg Positive. So after that as per advice of my doctor I have created another blood report for HBeAg test and in that report I got HBeAg Negative & e antibody Positive. So doctor then told me not to take any further treatment for that and advised me to create blood reports for HBeAg at every six months.

So I would like to know that as I have HBeAg Negative  & e antibody positive now so do I need to take treatment for that also?
Is that HBsAg phase in my blood report curable?
Do I need to take any specific type of diet for that?
Can I get infected by HBeAg Positive?
I am going to merry so can that virus affects my wife also?


PARAMETER                    RESULT        UNITS         REFERENCE RENGE

HEPATITIS Be Ag (ECLIA)    0.09             COI                  70 copies/ml

Result                 9,091


Real Time HBV assay is intended for use in conjuction with clinical presentation and laboratory markers as an indicator of disease prognosis and for use as an aid in assessing viral response to antiviral treatment as measured by change in plasma HBV DNA.

Please help me in solving my confusion and answer my question.

Hoping for your favorable consideration

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