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hepatitis b

i am  a 28 yr old male . i am suffereing from hepatitis b for the past 5 yrs... the test results are:
hbeag negative
hbv dna 3050 uml
anti hbe positive
sgot (ast) 24
sgpt(alt)    47
i got it tested and my doctor said that he does not recommend anti virals right now becuase of the serious side effects  and also because the LIVER DAMAGE IS NOT very high right now. he said that he will get the tests done after 6 months based on which the anti viral treatment will be started . Because of  that i am taking  alternative medicince (HOMEOPATHY) . Does anyone recommend anything for my situation ?  i have heard about herbal medicines ... can anyone recommend anything  about that ?  
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Hepatitis is most commonly caused by one of three viruses:
1. the hepatitis A virus
2. the hepatitis B virus
3. the hepatitis C virus

The concept of traditional Chinese medicine is that the stagnation of pathogenic damp and heat factors in the liver and the gallbladder influences and causes the spleen and stomach to become deficient. If this condition lasts for a long time, the stagnation of Qi and the depression of blood in the liver may occur.

Acupuncture therapy,Ear-acupuncture therapy,Herb therapy has effective for the hepatitis

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follow your doctor advice, antivirals are useless on virus they can only stop liver damage but not the virus

the only drugs effective on virus are interferon or nitazoxanide (alinia) and since you are young these are the most indicated to try to eradicate hbv.
with interferon monotherapy 1year only 11% eradicates virus
interferon combo with entecavir or tenofovir for 2 years, percentage can be higher than 30% especially if you add a thrid drug like nitazoxanide

hbsag becoming lower is the only indication that liver cells are getting cleared of virus, hbvdna has no meaning for this, hbvdna undetactable mean that you have less replication and no liver damage only
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i have heard that some indian herbs have cured hepatitis b .. can anyone tell me about such medicines and ppl who practice such medinices ?
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there are many indian members here, they are not using herbs for sure.....
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yes.. herbs were useless for me and i'm sure they ll be helpful for hepatitis a although it's not necessary. don't use anything like herbs from sidha,ayurveda,homeopathy and so on. there are a lot of doc who always there to engulf your money here in india by using the names of herbs. be very careful. and very dangerous thing is as there is no proper studies on herbs, who know, it may develop unknown mutations. it's not good until there is a vast amount of studies.

the use of indian traditional herbs is they would be used for preventive measures like bitter melon on insulin, cucumber on kidney stones and so on.
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guys .. refer to this link:


a guy in our community has writen herbal indian medicines helped him in getting accross this problem and  he was negative for hbv ... i sent a message to that guy but he  did not reply .. now my only concern is .. that since the doctor has not recommended me to take anti viral med right now because liver damage is not high but he has also said that one day or the other the liver damage will become  high and than i will have to take the medicines .. so my questoin is .. CANT I  DO SOMETHING SO THAT THE LIVER DAMAGE DOES NOT BECOME  HIGH ? :(
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if they refer to phyllanthus it has very weak results, it has been studied and tried even in the forum, no results.a one year study found 3log hbvdna decrease and hbeag seroconversion, too bad they didn t check hbsag which is the only thing that matters to clear hbv

if you are willing to try it make hbsag quantification by abbott architect and let the forum know results.hbvdna and alt are not important to clear virus and will get to normal once hbsag is negative
possibly donot combo otherwise we might not know what is working
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i'm also used it for some times and no result. the guy who posted the thread disappeared immediately after confusing everyone here and that 2 year old thread still persists.

just follow this forum very closely. by doing so you can arrive in a very clear conclusion about hbv and liver. nothing strange.
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hmmm ....  ur right .. that guy did disappear ... well ...lets hope for all of us that a permanent cure is invented ... so all of us can get rid of this ...  will keep posting if i get any other info ... by the way .... does anyone have to say anything positive about hepatitis technologies ?
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ok .. i have a problem . i have a lot of gas ... after  a few hours i develop a lot of gas and have to ease out .. there is no other option ... and if i eat something it becomes all the more uncontrollable .. is that a sign of liver damage ????????
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