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hepatitis from kissing?

can you get hepatitis from kissing a person who is a virgin and has never made out with anyone else and has never done drugs? what if they were born with the disease but they hid it from the world and now they kissed me and gave it to me when we made out? can u get hepatitis from kissing? do many people get it this way??? HELP!!!
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Hepa A - Yes
Hepa B - No
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(In addition to what Mikec414 said)

HBV is present in (almost) all fluids of an infected person with highest concentrations in the blood.

Saliva also contains HBV but in significantly lower levels, as well as semen.

According to researchers, there is no documented case of transmitall of HBV from kissing alone, but theoretically it is POSSIBLE. One's HBEAG status also is a factor.

To add to the story, my GF and I have been kissing since last year and she never got it from me based on 2 tests lately a few weeks apart.
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This virus  is transfered from blood to blood, this virus is not carried in your saliva.
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Thanks for clearing me up, I was referring to hep c, I should have payed better attention to that question, sorry
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