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high bilirubin value

please i just got the result of my lastest LFT test which is Total Biliribin 31umol/L(3.4-17.1),Conju Bilirubin 28umol/L(0-6.8),AST36IU/L(0-37),ALT24IU/L(0-40), Total protein79g/L,Albumin35g/L(35-50),ALP24IU/L(21-105). Please do i have any liver damage and am i still an inactive healthy carieer and why do i have abdominal pains on the right side and next and shoulder pains,though i ab also done been tested reactive to H- pylori antibodies and malaria 1+.please explain and clear my doubt. HBV DNA in June is 61.5,HbeAg is 0.06 negative, i did Bilirubin test separate and the values are Total bilirubin 1.5 (0.1-1.0),Conjugated/Direct bilirubin 1.1 (0.1-1.0) in another lab and also H-Pylori reactive and also malaria. Plz advice what to do the bilirubin that is high and why i feel pains/muscle pain in different parts of my body and my Hbv status
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I did my Ultra scan of the liver and every thing looks gud
started H pylori treament and the pains gone
plz can anyone tell me if am a healthy inactive carrier with my viral load of 65, HbeAg negative 0.06 and my recent LFT ALT in normal range even after a year but a slight increase in bilirubin which my doctor said its not liver related but may be Gilbert syndrome
I used to have high bilirubin for years. After few months using garlic + honey, the bilirubin has become normal for months.
thanks i will try that
My Liver Function Test today 07/10/18: Dir  Bilirubin= 6.7umol/L(0-6.8), Total Bil=17.6umol/L(0-21),
ALT=38.7(0-80), AST=25.2IU/L(0-50), ALP=177(62-306). Please can someone tell me if these LFT shows any liver damage. But i still feel slight on and off pains on my right ribs that feels like an Ulcer. Did H Pylori test and its negative. My doctor still clears me of no liver damage.
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