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how can finish habsg positeve

sir, i 'm suffering last eight months with hepatitis B. when we know i have hepatitis B.dector give me a limver 150mg.three months .after thre months i am not taken any medcine.This test by max helth care .4-12-10 test value 2460.-7-2-10-  test value 3210.sir give a sugation ,i am vary sad .
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The values are for what?  Please post the names of test items too.
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Hello sir how to do negative of habsg. my report is positive
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U cannot turn hepatitis b negative in any way. Accept it as it is and learn to live with it
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you are in chronic stage now it means the virus will be forever in your blood. I'm also in the chronic stage I got the virus when I was a kid. Unfortunately the cure is not yet discover.
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