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i had my hepa b full panel in hi-precision.. and this is my reault..

Hbsag w/ titer (Cmia) 1949.89 c. O. V 1.0 reactive
Anti hbs (cmia) 0.00 miu/ml c. O. V 10.0 nonreactive
Hbeag(cmia) 1127.05 c. O. V 1.0 reactive
Anti hbe(cmia) 51.05 c. O. V. 1.0 nonreactive
Anti hbc igm (cmia) 0.15 c. O. V. 1.0 nonreactive
Anti hbc total (cmia) 11.42 c. O. V 1.0 reactive.

Pls help me..i know im positive in hepa b..i just want to know if my hepa is on critical stage and how can i cure it.. Or any medication and what kind of medicine i should take.. Because of financial i dont know where i can find physician who can help me about this..
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a gastro or hepatologist can provide a more definitive answer, but with regards to liver damage, as long as the result is within cut-off values, the liver is good, example can be sgpt is 20 and cut-off value is 0-40' which 20 can mean that your on some kind of medication or stress, I research the answer to my posted question here... unfortunately... 4 to 5 times the normal cut-off value means there is something wrong with the liver... if so that will be 0-40 multiplied by 4 or 5, the highest is 40, that will be 40x4 or 40x5, so that means a result of 160 or 200 is something to worry about... hope it helps...
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Add alat asat fibroscan ultrasound platelets biliburine free and total and conjugated.
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