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i need help pls...

Hi peeps, last october 2010 my bf and i went for a general checkup we both tested negative to hepb surface antigen and hiv.on febuary 2011 some social health workers with the permission of my organisation asked all workers to take hep b vaccine..i took a shot without pre test  and i was given an appointment for a second shot after a month ..they didnt show up for the second shot until last 27th july 2010 . This time they took my blood sample and the result came positive to hbsag..i panicked and went to a hospital for a confirmatory test.the test result came positve to hbsag,hbcore ab positive and hb e antigen negative, hiv negative, hcv negative ..thats the test ive done so far..i know the test is not comprehensive enough but i live in Nigeria and the healthcare sys is very poor here.im confused ..pls help me, since i found out my status ive been so depressed.ive had anxiety attack,uncomfortable head pressure, insomnia and i have lost 4kg in 3 weeks.i now weigh 60kg.im 32yrs old.
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hmmmm... usually it takes a month before hbsag to register in the blood so maybe when u had your test u were just recently exposed so come feb 2011 it was now detected because it was already in your system for quite sometime already.
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I had the first shot of vaccine feb 2011 and i tested positive to hbsag 27th july 2011 before my second shot..my partner tested negative and his taking the vaccine at the moment...does that mean i have chronic hbv..what is the way to go?  
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FEB 2011- 1st SHOT
JUL 2011- HBSAG+ (you), HBSAG- (him)

usually it takes 3-6 months for HBSAG to register in your blood, so most likely you're having an acute infection, but your info is incomplete, you should have others like HBEAG, IGM, IGC, etc in those tests. if he again tested negative then you may have gotten it from another source.
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Im  hbeag +, igm -, hbcore total + alt 14, ast 18. he tested negative to hbeag,hcv and hiv..we've been dating for 3yrs
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