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I did a blood test last week, and the result is, AST 75, ALT 57, is that means that I have hepatitis?
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yes but the cause can be many, mainly drugs of any type, alcool and fat food/not fresh food, being overweight are the most common to make hepatitis and liver damage.an ultrasound can also detect if you have fatty liver which makes hepatitis

there are also many other reasons but less common and last viral infections like: hbv, hcv, hav,hev and many other viruses as many as the whole alphabet.of these viruses only hcv becomes cronic in adults but hcv is transmitted only by blood
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It is unusual for AST to be greater than ALT. You may like to consult your doctor.
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why you say that ?

As far as I know is normal that AST to be slightly more then ALT.


as I understand the normal ratio is between 1 an 2, or do I miss something ?
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even if on second wach some thing is not corect.
AST normal range is 5 - 34
ALT normal range is 5 - 55

so, ALT can be more that AST and to be considered normal and De ritis ratio (AST/ALT) in this case to indicate a problem (<1).

or maybe De Ritis is apply only if AST and ALT are out of the normal range.
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I ask this because also i have AST biger then ALT (http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-B/My-result/show/1568816?personal_page_id=2249050) and no doctor say to me that this will be abnormal, even if the results was saw by couple of doctors.
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ast bigger than alt is not good, usually ast higher can be due to toxicity, other organs than liver, not viral causes

alt higher on viral causes

also remember the normal ranges 30 and 19 and the best optimum ranges with lowest liver correlated deaths <20
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