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is possible?

hi friend, hop life is good am here again to find out if its possible to hav hep b but blood show negative at 5months and 2weeks? am asking becouse am still experiencing hep b symptoms after serious exposure. doctors here d
the don't have much knowledge about hepatitis b. I need ur opinion guys. God bless u all
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Besides jaundice and Dark urine which if you have them you can probably say you may have Hepatitis or other liver problems, all other symptoms can be from all kinds of diseases . Also, when you are anxious about this problem and scared, many times this symptoms are psychological, i myself after i found out i have it i started to have all kinds of symptoms like pain in the right side , the doctor told me it was because i had this in mind all the time
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I have dark urine, pressure around liver area, tiredness, stomach pain, nail little pinkish colour,

is possible to hav hep b till now antigen still hiding?
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there are many problems the liver can have, not only hepatitis B, if your hbsag came back negative then you have to continue testing until you find out what's wrong
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thank u for ur caring. want to know when I can b sure about my hep negative, can I wait until 6months? what is 100% window period test? tomorrow I will do liver function test and uss.
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