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my wifes hepatitis b

hello to all
, could i ask some questions,
1. my wife have a hepa B she is diagnose last 2009 but she is inactive carrier HBeAG - and anti-HBe + i will ask if how many percent it will become active and start replicating?

2. I am a anti HBs positive because of vaccination then the doctor give me another booster shot last february, is there any chance i will get infected from my wife and how many percent do you think? im worried because im working for our family here in abroad?

what are the chances and ratio for this matter what if my wife become infectious and high in viral load? thanks again and your answer was very appreciated.
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1. 1.The figure of 30% has been reported. Life long monitoring us important.
2. If you have anti HBs  (HBsAb) > 10 IU/L then you are considered to have protective immunity, i.e. 0 chance of getting infected from your wife.
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Stephen Castlecrag  thank you for your answer. have a blessed day
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