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nucs peg add on combo with 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

this was posted already but it is better to enhance this data for all members and for all readers and keep this thread up all the time and separated

baseline hbsag<1000iu/ml has 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

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nothing , just keep Nucs ON ...
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and he is right we know nucs lower intrahepatic hbvdna and cccdna close to 100% by 5-10years (no effects in less than 5 years), of course the most potent like tdf the better over the weaker antivirals like etv and ban of wealest like adv, lam and so on

cd8 will recover functionality and pegg add on will restore nk cells to to clear hbv

it is all studied, proven and easy, just be patient and results will come
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I could not imagine what I do if you were not here Steff. Because doctors do not explain the situation and tend to not telling anything about current and future status of us. Thanks for your efforts.

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let's keep this theard always first page, this is the most researched info for all hbvers
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I agree Steff because it's our cure, and letting know for new members here
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