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nucs peg add on combo with 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

this was posted already but it is better to enhance this data for all members and for all readers and keep this thread up all the time and separated

baseline hbsag<1000iu/ml has 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

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Forgot to say that this research done by my medical center (University of Ankara). I think I am one of the patients mentioned in the research :) However, my doctor is not the research presenter doctor.
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Turkey has excellent medication fields, a lot of Turkey's doctors are well-known around the world. Here in New York we have one of the best Turkish American surgeon, Dr Mehmet Oz
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they knew all that 10 years ago that combo therapy works best. This is no new news.

I can believe, how slow the process with HBV treatment is. Still beating the same dead horse.

Where is gene therapy to knock out viruses? Where are immune system modification therapies?
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be optimist viran b  at least there are now drugs wich permit us to avoid liver damage for a long time,may be in the near future there will be a cure like the one for hep c developped recently,and this combo permit to many patients to be cured
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Mehmet Oz is a showman rather than doctor :)

He always talks about how to live healthy rather than a cure of any illness.
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