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nucs peg add on combo with 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

this was posted already but it is better to enhance this data for all members and for all readers and keep this thread up all the time and separated

baseline hbsag<1000iu/ml has 100% response and 91% hbsag loss

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but the research posted by you pertains to hbeag positive patients... how about hbeag negative patients??
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they are all hbeag neg
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Hi Stef

Can you kindly explain the difference in hbeag positive or negative and the implications in terms of treatment options and effectiveness?

Thanks vm.
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none, hbeag pos responds better than hbeag neg

but this study was on hbeag neg

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Hi Stef,

Are you sure in that these results are valid also for hbeag neg patients?
I am reading and reading again the news but I cannot find it.
Do you have more detailed sources about this research?

"192 patients who had received at least two years treatment with NUCs without achieving HBeAg loss or seroconversion were treated with 48-week combination therapy with additional Peg-IFN to on-going NUCs or NUCs monotherapy."
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