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peginf therapy and supplements to boost response

I'm gonna start peginf therapy in 2 weeks. I already take some supplements to boost immune system and want to continue this during therapy. Here's a list, what may be worth to add/remove.

- vit D3 (10.000 - 20.000 depending of iPTH level)
- k2mk7 400-800mg depending of D3 dose
- selenium
- magnesium citrate/malate
- B complex with Metafolin and Intrisic Factor / about B12 - http://www.hepatitiscentral.com/news/vitamin_b12_dur/
- zinc picolinate - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11555194
- nigela sativa oil (immunomodulator, liver regeneration/protection)
- homocysteine factors (to boost immune system and neutrophils before peginf)
- Muril (to boost immune system before therapy)

I'm thinking about liposomal vit c, what min dose makes sense ?
Also studyforhope mentioned in one topic about tryptophan for good sleep.
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What is your genotype?
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I don't know they don't check it here cuz peginf is always first shoot drug if no contraindications, but in Poland 85% is A rest is D
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maitake mushroom extract (Grifola frondosa) is reported to boost peg


i tried it while on peg plus tdf (no vit d, gcmaf period) and it increased sides effects immediately, so i stopped it

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From mushroom extracts I take Murill now, it has proven liver benefits and boosting immune system. Not sure if good idea to continue on peginf if it normalises ALT:



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I saw somewhere that anti-oxidoxants are not advised sometimes in chemptherapy but I guess peginf is different stuff, still confused :/
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not sure also about vit E in that case
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they are not suggested with chemo because chemo is a toxic poison that kills cells (as a general comment) and antioxidants help clear the toxicity

but this is another universe, nothing to do with us, we need immune system and we try to boost it, chemo kills immune system too
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One doctor I consulted with advised me to keep homocysteine factors and b complex too during peginf, to keep morphology params higher. But don't take Muril during peginf.
studyforhope, any comments appreciaded.
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Genotype A are good responders to peginterfron so hope it works out for you
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Most of those recommendations of which supplement to use or not during pegIFN are just speculations. What can be reasonably considered is that any supplement that supports lymphocytes cellular physiology, replication capacity and functional capacity is likely to help in the desired response and effect.Strong antiinflamatories are likely to reduce the desired immunstimulatory effect.
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"any supplement that supports lymphocytes cellular physiology, replication capacity and functional capacity..." - what for example you'd consider ?

I have lymphocytes usually around norm or a bit above, last test:

Lymph 45% [28-39] 2520 1000-2400

but I read somewhere that high lymph happends on chronic diseases.

I think my doctor (not hepathologist, other one) advised me to take homocysteine factors because of studies like that one:


Any supplements I mentioned above may be anti-inflammatory ? I will skip Muril for sure and nigel sativa probably cuz it's used for treat alergies too.

Two more to consider:

"Manganese: Supplementation of manganese has been shown to enhance natural killer cell and macrophage activity"

My NK cells are not bad but could be better I guess: NK Cells 11% [7-31] 277 [90-600]

"Arginine: The amino acid l-arginine augments T-cell response and may be helpful in hastening surgical recovery, as well as in cancer and AIDS. But sometimes caution is warranted, because very high levels of arginine can compete with lysine, an amino acid that keeps certain viruses in check" http://drhoffman.com/article/nutrients-that-boost-immunity-2

what do you think about it ?

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I've also booked a few sessions of HBOT hyperbaric oxygen threapy to boost immunity. One doctor told me it may boost WBC and neutrophils count. I'm worring it will drop too much during peginf, mine are in norms but low. You think it's good idea ?
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Arginine up to 5gm a day might have a pos effect, see recent presentation by c Ferrari.
Hyperbaric oxygen will increase oxidative stress. This will have multiple biological response effects. If it will be useful during Pegasus therapy is hard to say.
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No, I don't want to use it during peginf, just few sessions before, last one 3 days before peginf, I hope it won't have any bad effect on response ?

Another question, I found that zinc may help in response:

but there is also a study that too much may be suppressive:

I've stopped supplementation for a few days and thinking about making zinc serum test when making other tests on Friday. You think its enough to be off supplementation 6 days to get real result ? I used to take 30mg/day

I will check that presentation, thanks :)
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Could you check this, now I don't know is it a good idea:

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Less is more. I actually stop most supplement while on IFN. Taking them roughly 3 times a week and mostly just Vit D3, selenium and zinc. So I stop all herbs and turmeric supplement. Just eat natural and let the med do the work. Hopefully your ALT flys up in the first few injection. That would be a sign of a responder. Good luck!
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Not unexpected, oxidative stress impairs the functionality of the complex signaling chains that transmit the signal from the interferon receptor to the nucleus,  where the real actors,  I e the products of the interferon response genes, are finally transcribed and then produced. Oxidative stress is a general wide acting damaging agent. I would not use hyperbaric oxygen.
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Thanks, I've removed that bookings cuz had doubts too.
What do you think about zinc and selenium supplementation ?
I read somewhere that antioxidoxants may be useful on peginf but from the other side anti-inflammattory supplements are not advised. Is anti-oxidoxant usually anti-inflammatory too ?
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too much zinc is toxic as well. its level can be easily tested in the blood and this will guide you.

Well balanced antioxidants will improve the cellular physiology of immune cells and improve eg lymphocyte function. But high doses of protective polyphenols and flavenoids might interfere with inflammatory cascades and NFKB activation.
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I just want to sharre with you that warm lemon drink before breakfast and drinking the water of the boiled sweet potato leaves helped a lot in keeping his immune system
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Yes, I read that too low zinc is bad and too much as well. I will make test tomorrow within other tests, result for zinc in 10 days.
Is there any way to monitor if I take too much or too low antioxidoxants ?
Which supplements may contain too much polyphenols and flavenoids ?
I guess everything from fruits/vegtables is ok ?
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I have results of serum zinc, test was done few days after stopping zinc supplementation and it's in norm 98µg/dl [50,00 - 150,00] N
Not sure should I supplement it from time to time, not necessary daily. I don't want to be deficient but also don't want to suppress T cells.
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What do you think about adding BCAA to my inteferon therapy ? Article is mostly about hcv but immunity part looks interesting.
I guess providing extra amino acids may help not to loose to much weight during peginf as well.
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