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please help me read my lab results

I just found out that I have hepatitis b and that it is chronic. :(
can you please help me read my results

ANTI HBe~non reactive
ANTI HCV~non reactive
SGPT~49 u/l
DNA viral load test: Result: HBV DNA detected is greater than 110,000,000 IU/ml

I did some research and I find my results in bad condition but I still want to hear some comments. hope someone can enlighten me. i feel so down.
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Do not worry. My results were worse than yours. My HHBV-DNA was 557 million (557 000 000) and SGPT was 197 IU/ml 6 months ago (before treatment). I am on entecavir treatnent for 6 months. 1 month ago my HBV-DNA went down to 22000 (from 557 million) and HBEAG became non-reactive.

I eat totally healthy (vegitables, fruits)

I live totally healthy (no smoke, no alcohol, more exercise)

I take natural supplements (bee propollis, bee polen, royal jelly, turmeric, black seed)

You need 3 more important test:

1. qHBSAG (the real presence of HBV in your body)
2. Fibroscan (your liver's current status in terms of damage)
3. Ultrasound (for HCC chech)

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thank you safisifa! i just feel so down but praying that i will be okay..i went to see a doctor but she told me theres nothing that i can do so i wanted to seek 2nd opinion to other doctors
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There is plenty you can do, listen to Safisifa and follow what Stef says, you can beat this.

Oh, and find a Dr who knows what they are doing, you don't need that attitude
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what doctors! there is nothing i can do, how they can say it? like you dying,you have cancer and now ready to leave your will. change immediately doctor. do all tests. Today Hep B is very treatable, just healthy lifestyle and treatment and you will be fine.
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1. Find a new doctor. Because this is a long way process and you will drive it with your doctor.

2. Learn the terminologies of ALT, HBSAG, HBEAG, HBV DNA, ANTI-HBS, ANTI-HBE, AFP, Vitamin  D, Fibrosis, Fibroscan, Biopsi, Entecavir, Tenefovir, Interferon, Lamuvidin, REP9AC, ARC-520). So you will understand the logic of HBV.

3. Shortcut to this forum from your computer.. We have a great community here. There are plenty of knowledgable members; stef2011, StephenCastlecrag, Rome70, musttinkpositive, veteranB, andrey19, makedifferencenow, grmr, mer971, and much more.. We always help each  other. Believe me that we are more knowledgeable than even many professors :))

4. Do not forget that your liver is a baby. So, eath healthy, live healthy for this baby.

5. Do not forget that we do not have a functional cure yet. But we have effectual treatment options. These treatment options will reduce your HBV DNA immediately (my HBV DNA went down 22 000 from 557 000 000 in 5 months) and improve your liver histology (phsyical structure). But according to current treatment options, most of us needs treatment up to end of life.

6. Do not worry and stress, you will not feel any illness and nobody understand that your are sick. Everything goes same as before your learn your are patient. You will just take your treatment (in many cases this is only taking one pill a day).

7. Do not forget to pray for yourself and all of HBV patients. Even the things go worse, do not give up praying.


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hi members
safisifa your resume of hbv is very usefull for new commers ,just one question,did the natural suppliment (like black seed )fits with treatement and what your doc said about it
i know the benifits of the black seeds but i didn t find the oroginal ,would you please tell me from where did you get it(even in privite message)
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I read about some anti-viral effects of black seed in different sources. But the most important thing about black seed is that Black Seed considered a universal remedy The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said in his divine wisdom about the Black seed "Use this Black seed, it has a cure for every disease except death". (Sahih Bukhari)
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Hi SifaSifa, how do you used royal jelly ?
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Peace be Upon Him),yes i  know sifa but where we can find the real black seeds?and i think with taking anti viral i think that we should avoid these natural remeds ,may be there will be interference between both (drugs and remeds)and our liver is tired we shouldn t make it works more(my opnion); i think these remeds are good before or after treatement
also last time i ask my doc if  can  take tisanes ,she told me that i should avoid this for the moment because my liver is stressed
now  i just look for fresh hony(new of this spring) ,i wll take it before treatement,it helps the immune system
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I am sorry, I forgot to answer your question.. You can find black seed in very spice seller store in Turkey. If your country is close to here, visit here and buy 4-5 package for yourself.
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Even every food may do a stress on liver, who knows? I believe what the profit says about black seed and want to try my chance :)
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plus,  the dosage is important. I eat only one dessert spoon of black seed.
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I eat royal jelly within a mix of honey+ bee propolis (natural powder) + bee pollen + royal jelly.

I buy the mix from a honey seller. He makes the mix with 700gr honey + 100gr propolis + 100gr pollen + 100gr royal jelly.

I eat one desert spoon at 12 pm and  one dessert spoon at 8 am.
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can i take the black seed  in oil form? or whole seeds
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I am sorry I am not an expert :)

I read many things about black seed. I answer your question from the perspective of what I read.

Taking black seed in a seed form is the best way. However swallowing it without grinding by your teeth is useless. Unfortunately, it is difficult  to grind with teeth. But if you can do, do. This is the best way.

What I do is that I bought a  spice grinder. It is not expensive. I firstly grind one dessert spoon of black seed and make it like a powder. And then mixing it with one dessert spoon of honey. Then eat.. This is the second best way.

The third option is black seed oil. You should do your black seed oil yourself. It will be natural....! How? You should mix with olive oil and black seeds. They will wait a certain time (maybe 1-2 weeks, I am not sure about the time). Then your olive oil will turn to black seed oil and will be ready to eat. I do not know the how much quantity of olive oil and black seed should be mixed. You search on the net for it. If you could not find. I will do it for you in Turkish sources.

(Sorry for my stupid English :))
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thanks SafiSifa.very clear explanation.continue ur experience then and there.
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I read in a Turkish source, saying that;

1. Grind 30gr black seed.

2. Mix the grinded black seed with 200gr natural olive oil

3. Wait for 7 days.

4. After 7 days, strain the mix by a very small hole strainer.

5. Then  your black seed oil is ready.

6. Use 20mg daily.

Source: http://www.coreklen.com/2008/01/corek-otu-yagi-nasil-yapilir.html
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Forgot to say that;

In the number 4 of the process, you should filter the grinded black seed from the oil as much as possible. So, you can strain 2-3 times or strain by using gauze
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my name is joey,27 female, im a student visa applicant for australia, and found out that  i have this chronic hepatitis B..   im worried about my health now,,, and why do they advise me to take Liver function test? what does it mean... is my dream will just fall apart? because of my health condition? do i still have a chance to get my visa?

friends please help me...
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Dear SafiSifa, Thank u for ur sincere effort. while filtering the the mixture of grinded black seeds and olive oil, two products viz. 1.filtered oil and 2.oily larger particles are got.Now the question is whether 20 mg of  filtered oil(bseed+olive oil) can be consumed orally by adding honey or some other means.The larger particles remained after filteration can be used or not.
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Unfortunately I do not have exact answer.

But I think;

You can use your black seed oil with both  honey and other means. That is OK.

The black seed particles are useless and may be unhealthy. Because, the vitamins and other beneficials of black seed passed through black seed oil.

I advise you to force yourself to eat black seed with honey. You can do what I do. After 4-5 days, it becomes a daily routine. I read a lot of people's comments in forums and blogs  (who get benefit from black seed), and they do what I do.

What I do is that I bought a  spice grinder. It is not expensive. I firstly grind one dessert spoon of black seed and make it like a powder. And then mixing it with one dessert spoon of honey. Then eat.. This is the second best way.
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