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please help really confused

is a negative hep B surface antigen at 6 weeks sufficient to exclude the HEP B virus or do i need to do more test. can you please tell me what are the test that i need to do to exclude the Hep B virus??
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We are equally confused - 6 weeks?
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how long should i wait
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You have to be more clear with your question. If you tested negative for HbSag then you don't have hepatitis b. If you tested positive for the first time, then you can be acute or chronic. In that case, usually you repeat the test in 6 month time.
So we don't know what you are waiting for and why you are waiting.
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you are thinking of HIV timeline. HBV surface antigen usually goes up in several days. If you don't have it and you have had STD panels done and you have no symptoms you are OK.  But only tests tell the truth here friend..

If you don't have HBV, my advice would be vaccinate against this monster and at least not ever worry about it. ALL active young adults that are not vaccinated yet against HBV please do yourself a favor and take a vaccine - protect your life.
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