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pregnancy and viral load

Hi everyone
It's a long time didn't passe....old members know me...and my story with hep b...in my post(my feedback)
Now I am pregnant of my third child and as you know pregnancy affect hbv reactivation
I'm in my third month pregnancy
My viral load in october was 300ui all test in normal range
Yesterday I received my test
Viral load less than 20ui....platelets 145000,normal range is 150000
What de you think members?
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Hello your numbers sound like it's under control

I will just like to ask since you had kids  you did you breastfeed while taking any heb B medications
I am on viread  my numbers are undetectable
I will really like to breast feed but I don't know weather it will be safe or not while taking viread
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hi every body
here are m'y news
i did lab tests .Im Im m'y 7th month pregnancy
hbsag        2850ui(was 3500in 2012)
hbvdna      200ui(was20in may)
alat 15
asat  17
ggt  10
achbc positif
protho 90%
And plaquettes low (Always hapen during pregnancy
what do you think gays?
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no one?
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