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should i change Telbivudine to Lamivudine and Adefovir?

hi everybody,

I am an eAntigen negtive asian guy. Last fall i felt not well and tested DNA above 10E5. My Doc suggested antiviral Telbivudine. After about 1 year I changed to Lamivudine and Adefovir. The initial response of Telbivudine was good, but this medicine seems "heavy " to me. It caused pain from place to place in my body.

Does this change of treatment sound OK? Do you have any suggestions?

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Do not take Telbivudine. Cases of myopathy reported after taking it.

Are you comboing (LAM +ADV) ? If yes, you should be fine. Why didn't you go with entecavir? Reistance after 6 yrs stays at 1.3%
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thanks, Ann8

yes I am comboing LAM+ADV.
I am still young and without children. My doc says i better leave entecavir after i have children.

LAM is rather safe I know, but ADV is quite kidney laden, they say. I am not sure if it is a good long term treatment.
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You are male.....I think you are o.k to have kids. Many in this forum having many kids without knowing they have HBV. Sometime not knowing it turn out to be a blessing...ADV is more toxic than EVT.......

Current strategy is to let go the treatment after 3yrs and monitor for relapse...if you are lucky, they just go into remission. Use this timing to have kid if you want....easy!
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The recommended first-line of treatment drugs are entecavir and tenofovir. I don't quite understand why your doc is recommending weaker drugs... especially those that have a well-documented history of causing resistance.

Download the textbook from http://www.hepatologytextbook.com/. Refer page 133 for some info on entecavir and tenofovir. There is info on your drug options around that page.
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I have been taking telbivudine for over a year, and I have undetectable dna.
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