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side effects hepititas b

my 14 year old doughter  had this vaccine late aug  and has had one problem after the next ,day of vaccine  she had redness and sorness it progressed to stiffness and joint pain and then  headach tiredness and raised painfull rash of which spread over most of her body  she has been plaged with symptom after symton ever since 4 painfull rashes later and spurts of tiredness and joint pain she e just been dignosed with shingles  yet another very painfull rash  iv read many things on the intrnet to try and discover whats happeing and it just keeps comeing back that these and  some very dangerous side effects are from the vaccine , no doc will tell you dont have this vaccine  but it is cousing more harm than good  my doughter  is still sufferring now going into nearly 4 months later  its hasnt stoped , not only has the time off school effected her  but her immune system has been compromised and i now qestion even what a doctor would precibe as that too can have an effect on her  did you know  the pills percribed fore shingle have sevrale effects one being seizers  nowning my childs luck yes she would be the one to have the worst effect  my advise to anyone , before getting any vaccine look it up on the internet  go to sites that  the public report what side effects have happend  do not rely on your doc to tell you everything  as a rule in most casses they will tell you the risk is small  make an informed decision  not one made for you   acording to some documented side effects  the joint pain my doughter now suffers is something she may have to deal with for the rest of her life
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I am sorry to hear what your daughter went through.  Hep B vaccination for most children does not trigger side effects like what she experienced.  The benefit is immunity for life against HBV.

Consult her doctor to see if something can be done to alleviate the side effects.
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