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undestanding my test results

I can't understand my blood tests, one doctor commented that i was fine and cleared of infection, but another told me i needed more test to be sure infection cleared. Results are as follows:
Hep B surface antigen= non reactive
Hep B core antibody (iGM) = reactive
-IgM antibodies  detected, consistant with acute infection.
------does this mean it is or will clear ^^
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Have you recently treated?  I think the doctor is refering to the fact that it appears you have it, now he needs to check your viral load (virus number) to see if you still have it.
It is much like chicken pox, your body will always show you had it but you don't now.  With Hep B, you have to check the viral load to make sure it is 0
I hope this helps
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thank u
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Your serological test profile is not complete, it should at least have included the HbSAB test.

Also, the LFT test results are missing.ALT AST

However, due to the known normally occuring timeline of serological markers in acute HBV infection, you can assume with over 95% likelihood, that you were acutely infected between 6 and 10 month ago and have indeed sucessfully cleared the surface antigen. Pls note that a small amount of circulating virions can still be present at this phase of the acute infection and that the PCR test can be mildly positive. Retesting until the surface antibody becomes positive is recommended, once a solid antibody titer is present, even a small amount of circulating virions will not be infectious anymore, since they will circulate in the form of inactive immune complexes.
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thank you very much
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