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what kind of Treatment require for HbsAg Positive


I recently check my blood the result shows Hbs ag Positive then i take another relative test again

Hbs ag positive
Hbe       negative
Anti Hbc Igm  negative
Anti Hbc (total) positive
Anti Hbs quantity 0.19 lu/L
Hbv  pcr 6 IU/mL (0.77 logs).


Billiruban total 0.56 mg/dl
Billiruban direct 0.23 mg/dl
Billiruban indirect 0.33 mg/dl

SGOT (AST) 21.4 u/l
SGPT (ALT) 34.3 u/l
GAMMA GT (GGTP) 27.6 u/l

Afp - 1.66 IU/ML
Anti Hbe and Hepatitis B antigen - Reactivate (0.2)


i went to see Dr he said no need treatment but need follow up every 6 month once with all kind tests.
please advice me what can i do for Hbs ag Negative process
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I am  hbsag+ . My viral  load is  not found  it  can  say  ki  negative ya  positive
does not matter how much viral load is, if hbsag +ve , it means you are hep b positive.
But  sombody  was  told me  then  viral load not  found , then  u r negative........
Kabhi  bhi  negative  nhi  hota  hai  kya
Yes bro kabhi b negative nahi hota hai
Aysa  too  nhi  ayurdic aur  homepathic   say  negative  hua  hai  2 candint  say  too  main  mila  tha....
Koshish karke dekh lo.
Chances are less than 1%
OK  I will  try.
1850 viral  load  hai  mera
Hisab se to koi treatment nahi chal a chahiye tumara but homeo ayurved try karke dekh lo. Mujhe to nahi lagta ki kuch hoga. Tume ab is pareshani k sath jina seekhna hoga aur isko mentally accept Kar lo to jyada takleef nahi hoga. Ye bimari liver se jyada mental harassment Karti hai
Eak  baar  treatment kara  lu  mujha  bhi  satisfication mil  jaya  agr  virl  load  zero  bhi  Ho  jata  hai  too  tabhi  check  krna  hota  hai  postive hai  ki  negative
Hmm bilkul satisfy hona jaroori hai. But viral load zero hone se positive negative nahi hota. Viral load agar zero b hua to b tumara positive hone ka chance 99.99% hai. Tumara hbsag negative hona chahiye na ki viral load aur Abhi aisi koi dawa nahi Bani jo hbsag Ko negative Kar sake. Sari dawaiya sirf viral load Ko hi Kam Karti hai bas
Agr  acute  hepatitis b  kya  possible  hai  ki  negative Ho  jayga  
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@bajila: u r in a non reactive dormant phase. No need of any treatment. Just check Ur sgpt sgot 6monthly and hbv DNA at 1year. No need to waste money on big pile of tests. There is no way to become hbsag negative from positive. Sorry but that's true.
@Jatashankar: thq for replay
@Jatashankar:  HBV Re-vaccine  good for me or not
Vaccination will be of no use now once u r hbsag positive it has no meaning
All these I've already tried despite knowing they won't work and results were really waste
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