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Hi All,

I used to be heavy drinker. iam 32 hbsag  +ve , hbeag +ve,
but now i have started drinking white wine, a bottle ( 750 ml ) thrice in a week, someine said wine is good for health , is it okay ? i no more drink scotch or anything ..
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I have heard that drinking, with Hep affects your liver like throwing gasoline on a fire,
I was told that with Hep, no amount of drinking is  ok
take care
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translate by google, it says alcool kills more than hiv, tubercolosi and violence

we have also seen a study just published end of 2010, alcool has been found to make more damage than crack, cocoaine and all other drugs.if you search community you ll find the post and link to study.
it is not said too often since alcool make  a lot of money....

all this is in people without hbv or liver disease, so i would check your liver y a fibroscan to exclude cirrhosis.if you keep drinking hbv+alcool can easily make death

wine is good only for those without liver disease and only 1-2 glasses a day, but the good is not from wine but from reservatrol and antioxidants in grape

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No drinking....period.
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Thanks Guys, i know that was stupid question i wanted to find some respite in ur answers and iam glad i didnt find any.

I have completely stopped drinking . i was drinking heavily even after 2 yrs of knows HbV +, i just relased i was wrong.

I just hope these 2 yrs are drinking would not have caused have any harm ..

One more imp .. i have started feeling a little ache in the right side of my body and lot of gasses..is it a symptom of liver enlargement ?
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a little ache in the right side of my body and lot of gasses

this is normal in liver diseases but cannot tell if there is severe or light damage (in any case there is some fibrosis and enlargment feeling that ache).check by fibroscan or biopsy so you will know if there is damage
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