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10 years after hep c treatment

i had interferon treatment in 2005. it killed all my white blood cells decimating my immune system. i was given neupogen 2x a week to survive the 6 month treatment, which was successful. ever since, i have struggled with fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain. every so often - which seems to happen more often - i feel like i have the flu, but don't-just all the symptoms. any thoughts?
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Ifn ruined my immune system. After I took that poison in the 90's I was positive for lupus primary biliary virtuosos autoimmune hepatitis.  My alt Sst went way up instead if down. I was put on high dose prednisone for a year and a half and imuran for a half year.  CRP and sed rate up for years. After that I was a patient of dr mercola and a rheumy in Riverside Ca. Minocin therapy helped me.
A good book to read is New Arthritis Breakthrough by Henry Scammell. And a good site is rheumatic.org
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" i have struggled with fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain. every so often - which seems to happen more often - i feel like i have the flu, but don't-just all the symptoms. any thoughts? "

Autoimmune Disorders can cause the symptoms which you are having.  Hepatitis C  can trigger  Autoimmune Disorders. Interferon can also trigger Autoimmune Disorders.

I would suggest getting an appointment with a good Rheumatologist, preferably one who is affiliated with a university medical center or a teaching medical center. The Rheumatologist will take your history, examine you, and test you for all sorts of Autoimmune Disorders.

If you have an Autoimmune Disorder, then you can be treated for it.
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I have finally applied for SSDI.  I am trying to get back to work, but my day-to-day health is so unpredictable, that I don't know how it will go. I have not made money since I treated, have been working as health allows, have been living on savings, etc.  Some days I'm great.  others I'm knocked down.  I was immensely strong and vital prior to treatment and became an old sick man in the course of a year post-treatment.  I am sure treatment, NOT Hep C, cut my life expectancy by 15 years or so.  

I feel like a "good" doctor would have advised me of German anti-D studies and of highly likely outcome (Hep C will cause no symptoms at all in your lifetime) before recommending a treatment that "will make you feel like you have the flu for six months or so"

I recently obtained some medical records from a few years back.  I saw a counselor about some stuff.  I could kiss her for what she wrote down regarding my cognitive appearance.  

Note that even if one has gotten back to work, but went through an extended period of time of not working, it might pay to apply for SSDI just to get your work credits and earnings adjusted upwards.  Retirement pay will take a hit from any years of not contributing.  One should get medical statements to support disability shortly after filing and before SSA considers the claim.

Note that you can also call SSA and say "Hey, I am going to make a claim for SSDI" and then your application date will be the date of the first call, not the date of actually applying.  SSDI cash benefits only go back one year from date of app.  If you are having problems, apply now.  I think us folks don't realize how damaged we are some times and just keep thinking, "Well, I'll be back on my feet in a couple months."

These treatments have immense and far-reaching undisclosed risks.  
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yes a lot of us are in the same boat-it seems to have similarities with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is caused by the drugs,
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