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18 weeks post 48 gt3a

Funny as it may seem I don't have a question, only an observation. Getting Hep C is a drag, I had never known it was such a problem in the nursing industry. But MH has opened my eyes to how sloppy people are. I know where and how I contracted this virus almost to the day. And yet to admit I had ever stuck a needle in my body seems the worst thing I could have ever brought to this forum. I can't help but wonder how many of us were addicts and that is how we got so ill, and if it is not a waste of money to save us.
Truth is I still am sicker than I was pretreatment, I can't help but wonder am I the only person here that gave themselves this disease. And if I am not the only one to inject death into my body, why will no one else stand up to the plate admit their sickness is much deeper than a needle stick!  
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don't beat yourself up about past mistakes. if you apply your logic then do we treat overweight people,alcoholics,smokers or people with sports injuries? They are all self inflicted conditions.Many folk who did contract hcv via drug use,be it via a needle or a coke straw have long since left that life behind.There are many folk in positions of authority who use drugs,celebrities,politicians,solicitors-it cuts across the spectrum. Not every ex user feels worthless,surely they wouldn't be seeking treatment if they believed that was the case.Everybody is Somebody.
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Hi Tim
I am sure many here can attest to making mistakes in their lives but that doesn't mean it is a waste of money to save us. We are one people, we are all brothers and sisters together in this fight for our lives.

To copy a poem by John Donne:

No Man Is An Island
No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend's
Or of thine own were:
Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

I made a bad decision in my youth by trying some drugs while in the military back in the 70's all of 3 times but that was all it took.

Now thanks to the Hep C virus and cirrhosis I no longer even drink an occasional beer.

Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today and tomorrow is what you make of it.

I would say make the most of this new opportunity for a longer life and live to the fullest you can. If possible for you maybe try to pay it forwards through volunteerism.

It is never a waste of money to help someone who needs and wants to be helped it is what we are all here for.

Best wishes and hope you feel stronger soon
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Tim,  I'm kinda takin back by your statement that people are hesitate to tell how thy got Hepatitis C.   The people I know personal who have tested positive for Hepatitis C have never injected themselves with drugs.  You might say, "how would you know".    Because these are people that never did any kind drugs.   One past away at 83 years old after contracting hepatitis
C years ago from kidney removal requiring numerous blood transfusions.  
Just like hundreds of thousands of people during the 40s, 50s, 60s,70s and
80s.  Everyone during that time frame who had an operations, dialysis, gamma globulin shots, been in the military, spent time in prison etc.  are at a high risk of having hepatitis C.  I think we hear more about hepatitis C and drug use because it's general practice to test people suspected of using injected drug.  I think that would come right after an admission or signs of drug abuse.  One other person a high achieving honor student who spent
no time partying to obtain a masters degree at 23.  Fact is,  they see no need to drugs.  Thinks only stupid people do drugs.  Lucky this person did clear the virus on their own.  There is thousands if not millions who have been infected with hepatitis C and never would think of doing illegal drugs.  So not everyone can know how they were infected and do post on this forum everyday.  Medhelp does have a addiction forum that deals with drug related issues that including being clean and sober.  I question that it's really a minority of people who know exactly how they got Hepatitis C.   If your looking for people with drug addition related problems you might take a look at the addiction forum.

Best to you
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Everyone who has an illness deserves to be treated, especially in the wealthy, privileged first world countries we live in, regardless of age, sex, nationality and how the person got sick.
Who is to judge who is more valid a person to live, or die? A poor African American from the ghetto versus a wealthy white dictator?

Yes, people are sloppy but that doesn't qualify for a death sentence. I didn't 'give' myself this chronic illness called HCV. It didn't even have a name in the early 80's. It wasn't 'discovered' yet. We thought we were just getting HepB and we would recover.
There were no disposable syringes, we all shared glass ones. We didn't know.

I'm not ashamed of my drug injecting days. It was rock'n'roll.
I may be a little ashamed about some of the things I did to get by, but not of being a drug addict.
I've had more than 30 friends and acquaintances die over the past 6 years from HCV related illnesses. I have more than 30 friends and aquaintances who have treated for HCV over the past 10-15 years, and I currently would have the same number waiting to treat with the new meds.
A smaller number are in denial.
All these people injected drugs at some stage of their lives and contracted the virus.

I have no inner 'sickness' that you allude to.

More understanding, support, education and  resources need to be implemented to prevent others from contracting this insidious virus.

So yes Tim, getting HCV IS a drag,

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Thank you all, I am still in the fight.
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Please do not beat yourself up.  You did not give yourself HCV, no more than anyone else with an addiction give themselves any other disease.  Over eaters who have high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, lose limbs, smokers who now have COPD,  People who eat junk and have heart attacks.

I feel that they just did not think anything bad could happen to them.  When a person is young they think they are invincible nothing can hurt them
I baby sat a child and ruptured my back from lifting her.  I have also blamed myself but was told it is the luck of the draw.

I don't know how I got it, I really don't think anyone knows for sure.  It could have been a room mate of mine who had it but they called it non a non b, she got it from a Vietnam Veteran.
We did not understand how bad it could be back then.  We shared razors food, maybe even tooth brushes, gross I know, all the time.  I was 20, I did some stupid things back then. Once, 44 years ago, I snorted some coke, dumb thing to do, peer pressure.
Maybe it was the gama globulin shot I had back in the 70's.  There are many ways, all the dental work I had over the years, surgeries, etc.

I know this is rambling, I guess I am trying to say, let it go, it does not matter how you got it. You got it and you cured it and now you can move on.  Easier said than done I know.

It takes a long time for some of us to get over the tx.  I pray you will find your way.
I have been fighting to get back since the emergency back surgery I had, I am suffering from PTSD now, it has been difficult but I wanted to tell you to hang in there.  It will get better.
I have been walking every day as I have heard it can help with depression.
You are a wonderful, caring person, please be nice to yourself.  You have had a bad year.
Otter is so right, Everybody is Somebody.

If anyone gives you a hard time it is because they do not feel good about themselves and have to lift themselves up by picking on others.

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Thank you Dee,
I truly feel that had I not been so selfish Travis would still be alive. I know I cant take that responsibility on, and yet when I wake up and realize I am in the house he was born and raised in it breaks my heart, I have so much respect for who and what he stood for. His desires were to be a a pediatrician.And he had such a great disposition, I truly looked forward to the times we spent together, he was so smart, it was great having a youngster around who's focus was of one to benefit others. And I failed both him and his mother, and I can't fix it, no matter how hard I try to comprehend what had happened. I have read 4 books concerning suicide and I understand the parameters surrounding the event, he had so meticulously planned out his mind was set as to taking this step. Ordering heroin on line and then waiting for the delivery, putting together a cover story so it looked like an accidental overdose so his wife could collect SSI for his death, the problem with his plan was he did not do drugs.
I had asked him many times to come spend the day with me while his wife and MJ were at work. But for some reason he either didn't believe me and my desire to help him acclimate to his new meds or he didn't want to be an added to burden to us. But I really did want to spend time with him,
And now for some reason the subject of suicide is taboo even here. And I understand that too. My question at this point would only be, are we has a people so afraid of looking at the truth, and try to find ways to prevent even one more person taking their own life. To me that is more important than spending another penny on myself. The estimates are insane at the number of people who are giving up, because they feel their continuation of life would be nothing if not futile.
My working career has been centered in Quality Control, making sure when our fighter jockeys strap on their jets, or astronauts blast off in to space, or even regular people board a plane they will make it home safe. And for me failure is not an option. And this failure is unacceptable for me.
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  I apologize if my comments were offensive, Lord knows I have stuck my foot in mouth more than once. I do know there are many who contracted this virus in ways other than IV drugs. To tell you the truth, I had been tested for hep in'92 and I was negative.
  I was tested when I entered a long term recovery program and that was at the same time I quit using and have not used ever since. Then in 2003 when I got tested again it came back positive and I have always assumed it was related to my addiction. I really don't know for sure how I got it, so I have to accept responsibility for the virus.
  Yes I had been in the hospital a couple of times between 92 -2003. And I have a hard time believing I contracted then. I would rather take the responsibility than consider the possibility I picked it up from seeking medical attention.
  Then too I am curious as to how,if gt3 is more likely to be found outside of the United States; how did it make it here, in me.
I know too that spending time in any type of debate is just a waste . I don't know enough about the virus to have any input of much value.
  Bottom line I just want to feel better that I don't find myself in such a muddled place. To that end I may be able regain some solid foundation beneath me. And once again be able to function and communicate clearer than I have been for the last year.
  I too am very distraught in the thought that this well be my new normal, can deal with the physical much better than I am handling times when I can't remember what where or way I am. Even driving has it's moments, I get lost at times, forgetting where I was headed, or how to my destination no matter how many times I have traveled that same road. It's frustrating and scary, I feel as if I should affix a name tag with my address on just in case. And that is not funny to me.
  That being said, again I apologize.
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Hi really nice message to Tim..
I wanted to say that I too was tested back in  the 90's, came back negative.
I later found that I did have it, dx 2007.
When I asked how it could come back negative the Hep doc explained the tests were not as good back then.
I am not positive how I got it I think it was back in 1977 getting a shot that contained blood products.

I don't think it matters anymore how one gets it anymore than it matters how someone gets cancer.

Sometimes I think people want to know so that they can tell themselves they are safe.

I have heard that this is the way cancer was originally treated.  No one talked about it.  People were shunned for fear they were contagious.  The same with HIV/AIDS.

Tim I am very sorry for your and MJ's loss..

Thanks for this thread
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what is 3rd gen hep c? I have never used drugs of any kind other than for common cold of flu.  I  got sick with the flu a flew weeks ago and they dont  some blood work and then the dr. call and i went back and got my labs and it says I am 3rd gen positive what does this mean.   also my it showed my white blood cell count is low @ 3.7 hemoglobin ***@**** low @ 35.1 ***@**** ***@**** my ***@**** and my platelet count @ 141   my sgot (ast)@80 and sgpt(alt) @126. what does this mean?  Is there any cure what natural way to cure? what med. I have heard that Pau d "Arco have show results also Alpha lipoic acid.  Please help I am so scared.
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This forum is for people who have been through Treatment for Hepatitis C.
Go to the "Hepatitis C" forum and post your question.   You will get a world of Help if you ask on the Hepatitis C forum.   FYI:  There is no natural cure for Hepatitis C.....but there is treatment.
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I today proclaim SVR, I had my P.E.O.T. blood draw 15 days ago. I called the Dr.'s office this morning to see what I might. When spoke to his nurse she assured me had here been any problems he would call himself. And he has not.
She disclosed enough time has passed and test's "should be" in the office. So I am moving forward no more looking back. I have gotten my new glasses and have begun my dental repair. Major work going on there all said and done I will have a partial on the bottom and a complete top plate.
Is this related to tx? Not sure, but the tx plan I had in place with my dentist before tx, wich was to be restorative as now turn into replacement of all but 5 or 6 teeth.
Monday I had the 1st quad pulled, right side upper, 4 teeth, I think I will ask if at the next sitting we can just do all the removal in one appointment. I would wish to get all done as quick as possible. I have been sick long enough and don't want to prolong this process anymore than necessary.
As far as residual sx's. I do have a few. And to speak to my PCP.
I must also say I am feeling better every day. I am now 6 months post tx and am begging to feel more and more like myself every day, other than my mouth is killing me today. There truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for listening to this crazy Irishman. I know I don't fit the mold and my never be a guru. But I do still read the questions on a daily basses. Will chime in if and when I see some I may be able to help.
God bless you all good luck and thank you.
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Congratulation! I am so happy to hear of your SVR. It also sounds as if you are looking forward, that is great news.
I can understand about the teeth, I am worried about mine as well.  I did the restorative route, now I think I should have done what you did.
You go!!
God Bless you
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