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5 mths post eot - referred to rheumatologist and booked in for x-rays

Anyone else getting random weird auto immune type sx?
So the ana test came back positive but nothing else. I am waiting for appt with the rheumy. Doc also has ordered x-rays of fingers and hands.
Meanwhile, my fingers look distorted - swollen and some enlarged joints but no pain in them.
They are stiff and swollen first thing in the morning - a classic sign of ra.
Now, sometimes they ache and get numb.
Can't wait to find out what is going on.
Even tried to go private but they can't see me till March!
Meanwhile, I am eating flaxseed and tumeric daily and will get some supplements.
Blood tests a month or so ago showed B12, A and D vitamins well within range.
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I am sorry you have having these problems. Hepatitis C Tx is bad enough without having additional problems. However, I think you are heading in the right direction by seeing a Rheumatologist. Hopefully the Rheumatologist will test you for everything and do a thorough exam and work-up. Hopefully you will be able to find out what is causing your symptoms and get on appropriate treatment. If it is an autoimmune disorder, the sooner you get on treatment, the better the prognosis is.

There are several of us with various symptoms, some of them weird.

My ANA was positive in Jan. 2012. My dermatologist order 6 other tests and they were negative at that time, including the Sjogren's antibody. After treatment ended I waited several months for the side effects to disappear. Most did, but I continued to have some problems, mainly rash and joint issues. So I went to a Rheumatologist 10.5 months after finishing Tx and she did a truckload of tests. The Sjogren's antibody was positive this time. It is not uncommon for people with autoimmune disorders to test negative for the specific tests. A good Rheumatologist will go by symptoms as well as blood work.

I was diagnosed with Sjogrens and am now on treatment for it. My symptoms are improving.

I posted in this thread about my symptoms and experience. You will be able tyo see the wide range of symptoms that I had if you read the thread:


And his3707 posted in this thread about her symptoms:


There are others who posted as well. But I think our two threads give a sampling of our symptoms.

Best of luck. Keep us informed about how you are doing.
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In the last few months of treatment (I've been off and SVR for a year now) some of the joints in my fingers swelled. My doc says they are Heberden's nodules. I also had one develop in my elbow.

They haven't gone away and are still painful.

I'm not sure if it was related to the interferon or just getting older. Personally, I think it was treatment because the swelling happened so rapidly and I didn't get any more once treatement had ended.

I also developed an allergy to cats in the last part of treatment, and that hasn't gone away either.

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thank you pooh for that info. I will print out the list of tests just in case.
rk2761, that is very interesting. Mine developed very quickly also, though it doesn't hurt.
Very weird.
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The xrays say no erosion between the joints so is looking like normal arthritis - not rheumatoid so I am happy about that. Am going to a holistic gp who has prescribed mega doses of Magnesium and zinc as well as some other stuff. I am feeling better because of it.
I am starting to feel my old self coming back.
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This is awesome news. Hmm I should check that gp as well. And I still need to do my Xrays, right ow beside the hands and feet joint pain, my spine also started to hurt badly. Rheuma gave me some temporary anti inflammatory which I do not want to take. So mega magnesium and zinc? Any specific brand? I will give it a try

My GP tested thyroid, cortisol, DHEA and homocysteine and all are normal

CRP shows <1 so in theory no inflammation !!!!!  I will go and get some magnesium

Please let me know what the other stuff is
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sent you a txt
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The usual magnesium test has come back within "normal" range yet taking the supplement has really helped my swollen and tight fingers.
The usual blood tests don't tell what is happening in our bodies I reckon.
I had to pay for some extra tests that test at a cellular level? inc the Mg.
Will be interested to see what that result was.
Will find out on Tues.
Those inflammation tests can be negative for years before they finally show a positive. Doesn't help us trying to figure out what's going on!
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You guys might want to consider giving Limbrel a try. In the US it is Rx only but is classified as a "medical food". It has anti-inflammatory properties but is not an NSAID and has no known sx. I've taken it for several years now, and while it's not a miracle drug but it does help me enough to be worthwhile continuing it.
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Thanks cean....think I will talk to my Rhuematologist about Limbrel. I'm 10 months post and wanted to give my body some more time to heal, especially being cirrhotic. But I'm a mess!!!! Ouch!
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