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9 1/2 months post, & going down hill

There are a few here who know of me and my tx. In short I completed 48 weeks of interferon and ribavirin. I guess I really am not superman. I always believed I could just push through tx and after tx sx would go away. And for a short time it work.
But over the course of the last month and a half I feel as if I am once again in the middle of tx. Meaning, to start with I have no appetite, well that's not true I am starving but can't eat, can't get the food past my mouth, so I am back to drinking supplements.
My body feels much like it did on tx, ache's and pains but the worst are my wrists and knees, and that is really bad at first waking. I have no pain killers here so this morning I forced myself to go pick up some Alive. Will see how that works.  
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Hi there! I am really sorry to hear this Tim.  I have not been on here much as I am suffering from shoulder bursitis but I came on here to see that Dustbear has been diagnosed with drug induced Myosisitis (sp?) which can be misdiagnosed as myopathy.  She has posted on the Myosisitis page.  
I did not know what that was so looked it up on WebMD and it says that Interferon and other drugs can cause this.  It is a muscle disorder that is often overlooked.
Have you been seen by a Rheumotologist?  I am asking because I remember Pooh suggesting that others try going for testing as this type of doctor can do more testing than a GP.  Not to say your GP can't do it..
I have not really looked into this much but I will, in the mean time I wanted to try to give you a place to look.
I will get the link, and come back.
Take Care
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Hi, just a stab in the dark.  I hope that is ok.  I have had many tendon problems and have started to take systemic enzymes to try to reduce any inflammation in my body which might contribute to the pain I am having.  I have had tendon problems in my foot, frozen shoulder, now bursitis.  Like you I am searching.  I  realize that I am getting older and I am trying to help myself any way that I can.  Since starting the systemic enzymes I am not as stiff as I was so I hope I am going in the right direction

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Rheumatologist is a good idea. There are a lot of auto-immune things IFN can trigger and you need an expert diagnosis. I had a similar pattern of 'bouncing back to normal' with problems later, though mine manifested as both pain and 'metabolic syndrome'. Best non-Rx supplements I can suggest are CoQ10 and NAC. Aleve is good stuff - my chiropractor swears by it, though ibuprofen works just as well for me.
Good luck and take care.
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Hi Tim
I am 15 years past treatment..and a primitive version
it was back then. It never came back..so far anyway..but
the overall damage to my health has never improved
either. I still have knee and joint issues..neuropathy..
(and do not have diabetes) terrible headaches..
all started during tx..and never improved. I have developed heart
disease..had cancer..have thyroid and parathyroid tumors..
Have asked myself many times over the years..which is worse for
overall health and longevity..the disease or the

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I'm so sorry to hear of all the debilitating issues you are now faced with post Tx.  In the world of current medicine, we are sitting ducks and willing participants in our own journey to wellness.  I believe this happens more often then most think as the cure at times is worse then the disease.  I, like
all of you, know what that's about 1st hand.  Having been a cancer survivor, did 1 chemo regimen that gave me another cancer diagnosis 10 years later
in a different region but where radiation was also used.  Have now peripheral nueropathy, tendon joint issues, RA, heart issues on and on and on.  Guess the ? remains, was the cure worth the compromise.
It's really tho a damn shame when we are not truly enlightened to what the repercussions would be.  In the very least we should have been informed to the possibilities of our particular outcomes.  Personally, I would not be here so guess it was the right decision.  In retrospect may have done things different to facilitate a different result.   Wish there was a way to make your load lighter, but we can only try to accept that which we are now given.
Take care and be well

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I just had a blood test that stated I had toxic levels of ethanol in my blood.  Interesting because I drink socially a few beers and a few glasses of wine.
Apparently,  drinking after hepatitis C treatment has made my ability to metabolize alcohol difficult.  I was stage 2 when I treated and never had problems with alcohol.  I had drank socially all my life.  In fact right up to the time I treated because I didn't know I had hepatitis C.  

There has been much discussion here if it's alright to drink after treatment.
I also remember your struggles with alcohol.  I just want to share that I stopped drinking any alcohol as soon as I found this out.  You shouldn't drink!
and realize that 48 weeks of heavy drug treatment do not only cure your hepatitis C.....it had a taxing effect on your liver.  

The results of this inability to metabolize alcohol after treatment contributed to a much serious event that effected my heart.  Remember this treatment effects your muscles and your heart is one big muscle.  

Take the time to see your doctor and start really taking care of that compromised liver from Hep c treatment.  Stay on top of your health and make sure you have a complete physical every year......  I will never socially drink again.    I advise you to do the same.

Best to you
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