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After Treatment Help

Hi, I am 20 months post tx.  I have had a few issues and done some research to see what I could find to help me.  I am sure others have done the same.  After tx I had brain fog, lots of pain and aching.  I think it gets to a point where  you can not see the forest for the trees.  If one felt well before tx then one wants to blame the tx.  I think it is a mixture of having HCV for so many many years, the damage done, treating, inactivity during tx, as well as getting older.  I did not want to face getting older.  I felt great in 2007, before treating I had been diagnosed with diabetes, had changed my diet, lost 30 lbs in 3 months, was feeling as good as I have ever felt.  Within 4 months I was dx with HCV, then cirrhosis. By the 6th month I was on a level 2 trial with SOC and a polymerase inhibitor

After treating I had problems, one was brain fog, I found that a supplement which is a co-enzyme helped with that it is called NADH.  I no longer have to take it but it did help me and some others on here quite a bit.

I am still looking for everything I can to help me be the best person I can be.  I am not there yet but hopefull I will get there and hope everyone else will too.

I am looking for anything that helped others after tx.  The first year I expected it would take time.  Also calcium magnesium helped a lot with the aching muscle cramps

Here are a few posts in case anyone else is interested.  Does anyone else have suggestions for what can help us after treatment?  I have been looking into deficiencies in our bodies that could cause some of these problems.



Per the forum manager -
This forum is for those who have taken HCV treatment to discuss any lingering or new health issues that may have been caused by the Hepatitis C virus itself or may be related to treatment for Hepatitis C. Some examples are autoimmune conditions, previous medical conditions exacerbated by the virus or the treatment, liver damage, and inflammation of the joints
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Hi Dee,
Thanks for that link for  testing for micronutrients. I know Willy posted it a few days ago but I had a hard time getting on for some reason.
In addition to taking B12 which I recently started, I take the same supplements Pooh listed except instead of coQ10, I take ubiquinol as it is supposed to be more accessible to the body. I also take milk thistle.

I am holding off on the magnesium until I test for deficiencies because I don't want to cause an imbalance with other minerals.
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In my opinion, if one has post treatment issues (whether they were caused by the Hepatitis C virus itself or by treatment), the first place to start is to find a competent doctor (in many cases a Rheumatologist or an Endocrinologist or other specialist who listens to what one has to say, gets a good medical history, does a thorough physical exam, runs the multiple necessary laboratory and diagnostic tests, refers one to the appropriate specialists, determines a diagnosis, and institutes appropriate treatment.

I do think various supplements can be very helpful. However, I think they should be used in conjunction with having a competent physician treating a person. In addition, all supplements should be run past the physician to be sure that they are not interfering with any prescribed medications and are not causing toxicities. In my opinion, a person would want to find out what is going on before running out and buying supplements which may or may not help (and some of which can be toxic).

In my case, I did find a competent university affiliated Rheumatologist who accurately diagnosed my autoimmune problems and prescribed Plaquenil. In addition, she is aware of and approves of all of my supplements, including Curcumin, CoQ10, and N Acetyl L Cysteine, vitamins, Omega 3-6-9, and calcium. I am already noticing an improvement in symptoms.

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Ubiquinol is the reduced and active form of Coenzyme Q10.
The formulation that I take is Super Ubiquinol CoQ10.

As with all supplements and vitamins, the various products are not created equal. Some formulations are much better absorbed and more bio-available than other formulations. Therefore, it behooves the buyer to do some research on the various products and choose the highest quality product and the product that contains the most bio-available form of the ingredients.
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Pooh I agree with your path of a complete physical exam post treatment and getting referrals to the specialists you need.  I have had my ears,eyes tested
and visited numerous specialists.   I go armed with all test results and a list
of post treatment changes.   This treatment has effects on your body.  Like
many types of heavy drug therapies....it has a price.   If I self treat my post treatment symptoms......it may be harder to determine what is the result of
hepatitis C treatment and what is just general health issues.   I have never experience such a long recovery time from an illness.  Honestly, I was starting to wonder if I would ever feel better.  It was very depressing because I was a active heathy adult before taking on hep C treatment.  I'm at one
year post treatment as of now.  I'm still trying to make sense of the effects
this treatment has had on me.  

Everyone said it would take a year to recover.   Made me a believer.
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The formulation that I take is Super Ubiquinol CoQ10

I take the exact same thing.
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I understand exactly what you are saying and I agree with you 100%

The doctors who treated us should be able to help us or direct us; but when they tell us that nothing is wrong or to go to our GP we have to try to find other answers/modalities.   I want to find other ways to help me
Like the NADH helped me and many others with our brain fog, it is a coenzyme. like the Co Q10
Calcium and magnesium helped me with muscle cramps.
I am still thinking along those lines, just searching as I believe others are.
I agree with the testing.  I have had all kinds of tests.
I am now looking into the micro nutrient testing.  That is something I have not heard of. I went to the site and they will help work with your doctor, to get your body tested for nutrients.  It is a way to find out what our body is deficient in.

I think it is a great idea.

Like you I am taking the Co q10 and I have to say that it has lowered my blood pressure, that was the only change I made that could account for it.

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate
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Hi there, thanks for your response, I also take the Co Q10. I have heard the ubiquinol is better. I have not gotten it yet but will in the future.
Thank you so much for reminding me of that :)
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You are so right, it took me over a year to recover but in that time I tried hard to get better by drinking water, walking, taking multi vitamins, etc.
It has been 20 months since I finished treating and up until a short while ago I was not feeling very good.

Now I feel so much better.  Normally the frozen shoulder and the news of something suspicious in my mammogram would have left me sobbing on the floor or depressed.  I feel so much better. I am not letting anything get me down.
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I am just checking in, I have no news about mammogram which is driving me crazy so excuse any crazy talk.
Going back today. more testing. tired of testing.
After tx, I got the bare minimum, now playing catch up ha ha
Take care everyone
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Good luck, Dee. You are in my prayers.
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Hoping for a good outcome.  Do the most important things first.  : )
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Thank you all for your response, I got word that I do not have to go back for scans.  I am taking that as good news and will wait to see what my doctor says.
Thank you again,
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