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Am I losing my mind?

So the other day I posted about my experience with the oral surgeon. No mass in saliva gland but also no saliva. My question is..has anyone ever experienced an indentation close to your temple with swelling in the face. It's on my right side and that's also the side of the gland not producing saliva. I'm not sure what's goin on. It feels like I'm kinda losing it. You see what your body's doing but it makes no sense. Help?
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Sorry I meant to say right in front of my ear where the jaw "hinge" is
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Hi I had something similar back in the 90's way before I knew anything about HCV.  It was a lump right about where your jaw opens, at first I just thought it was swollen but it continued to grow so I went to my GP.
My GP thought it was a cyst, he sent me to an ear nose throat doctor who was also a plastic surgeon.

He said it was more than a cyst and I needed to do something about it.
He did surgery to remove it.

He was the first doctor to ask if I had been tested for Hepatitis, I guess that there is a correlation as well as my liver enzymes were slightly elevated.

If you can I would look for a Ear Nose and Doctor.

Good luck, Dee
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I have never experienced indentation close to my temple with swelling in the face.  If this was happening to me I would go to the doctor or emergency room  Swelling of your face isn't a good sign.  If it were me and I wasn't getting answers and my face was swelling.... I would go to the emergency and find out exactly what is going on.  This could be from treatment drugs, prescription drugs or Sjogren's Syndrome as Pooh told you.  

Mechanism in saliva production discovered -- ScienceDaily

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