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Autoimmune "Summit" - brain symptoms

BACKGROUND - I recently consulted a "functional medicine" MD.  She's an MD, with all the conventional training, but she has broken ranks with modern American factory chemical medicine.  

Functional medicine - I won't try and describe it, other than she was already aware of many of the things that I was doing such as diet and supplements and LDN therapy etc etc.  She's going to have me do a genetics test and a body chemistry test to help optimize function.  

THE POINT - She sent me a link to an "autoimmune summit" which has free videos etc, presentations, every day for last week.  It's been pretty thorough and far-reaching.  

Today they are talking about the AUTOIMMUNE BRAIN. You knw I'm catching that one!! :-)    Yesterday, I think, they had a presentation on LDN Therapy.  

Yes, there is a modest profit motive (as does Med Help, who "I won't forget about my Hep C") which you'll undoubtedly be informed of eventually (took 6 days before they disclosed to me how they were trying to make money), but the topics seem very interesting, and I have listened to a couple of the presentations and they were helpful.  

For what its worth.
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Thank you Scottie, I really appreciate
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I can't believe I forgot to post the link:

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Hi Scottie, could I get the link?  Or can I find it by searching Autoimmune functions?  I really appreciate
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