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Diabetes & HVC

Hi all,  I cleared HVC in October!  YAY!  Sadly, the treatment seemed to acclerate my "pre-diabetes" HbA1c test result.  And my BG are not so good now.  I know there's a connection between the two diseases.  Felt (and still feel) pretty crappy after treatment (Sovaldi & Riba).

Anyway, wondering if those of you with pre-diabetes or diabetes, have Type 1 or 2 and also if yours got worse after treatment.  

My little public service announcement for those of you who are not diabetic... have you ever had the HbA1c test?  My fasting BG (which is the glucose number you get on a standard fasting blood test) has been and continues to be within a healthy range.  Unfortunately that is NOT a true measure of how your body is balancing sugar.  I got my first indication of a sugar imbalance on a HbA1c in a routine blood test so it came a shock to discover this!)  Since there is a connection between the diseases it wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor for that extra test.  My two cents.

Hope everyone is doing well and fighting the good fight!  V.
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Thanks, I am going to the doctor one day soon and making a list of things to get tested. This is one I want to add to the list.

At least where there is a connection between HCV and diabetes, you will not have to worry anymore that the HCV is doing things here, or might make things worse.

I think things sometimes take longer to swing back to normal. We first have a disease, then we are taking drugs that also change our body, then the immune system gets changed if it is no longer fighting infection, and a number of liver functions change as the body starts repairing. I think that all these things can upset the balance, the body needs to re-find it.

I've been off TX for 15 months and still repairing it feels like, but in general things are improving; going in the right direction.

I'm wishing the same for you.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
I'm glad you are staying on top of it.

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Hey there, thanks for sharing your good news!  That is great!
I also think it is great to share the other news.  It is very true, the fasting blood work can show your sugar is fine.  It is the A1C test that should be done as it shows the last 3 months. That is how I was diagnosed.

Again, great news that you are SVR. Dee
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Congrats on SVR!

Regarding HbA1c result, it is affected not just by glucose levels but also by the  degree of systemic inflammation the body experiences. Sovaldi and especially ribvirin are powerful drugs that can increase the levels of inflammation. Also, it is well known that ribavirin causes anemia in many people and may also impact the hematopoietic system as a whole.  Since hemoglobin half  life is ~4 months, I would wait at least half a year after the treatment before making the conclusions.
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W-  Taking the a1c should be a requisite for all HCV peeps IMHO.  You may need to push for it, as it's not standard altho like I said before a GP I saw in NY included it on a routine CBC.  Funny, but the same doctor tested me for HVC for no good reason.  Have a wonderful holiday too :)

D- Are you Type 1 or 2?  And did your diabetes come after treatment or did you have it prior?

HiPa, I hope you're right and my body is in some form of transition altho I have a glucose meter and can see my post-prandial readings are not normal.  I have always been slightly anemic and was able to correct that right before I started treatment.  Very anemic during treatment but then rebounded mightly at three months.  It's all weird to me and I'm very surprised that I don't feel better by now but c'est la vie. --V

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Hi V.  My dad has Type 2 or adult onset diabetes so I'm ALWAYS looking and finding tips to help him reduce or eliminate it.  Yes, diabetes is reversible if type 2 which is what you have.
Recently watched a live news feed (google Dr Oz and diabetes) and was interested in what he said.  He states 90% of the time you can actually eliminate it by losing weight.  10 lb reduction will decrease risk by 60%.  He also said on one of his shows that a teaspoon of cinnamon a day will also effect it.  Particularly pre- diabetes.  Been giving my dad cinnamon when he visits in his coffee.  Know Dr Oz is a bit of commercialization, but sometimes he's spot on.  The key is to get it under control before you need meds.
Yes, this virus and meds are responsible for diabetes in many.  Not folklore or fiction.  When we age it can be serious.  Since your in the begging stage now is a good time to try to reverse it.
Wow, sorry your still feeling not that great.  Know we treated at the same time and its a bummer to hear your just so so.  Think we were the same geno 2 if I remember Sovd/Riba.   I feel actuall pretty darn good.  Hope some of these thoughts help you on your journey.
Best wishes
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Hi there! I am a type 2, I was dx with it at the same time as the HCV
Again, really happy for you clearing.
It does take time for the body to recover from the tx.
Take Care
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