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Gout, Hyperuricemia, Ankylosing spondylitis, DISH - related HCV or Interferon ?

Hi ,
I am a long time member of this forum.
On 2008 I finished 1 year Interferon +  Ribavirin tx.
Since then I feel very well, beside that the liver disease left me
with mild Rosacea.
About 3 years I started to have mild Hypertension and I decided to
take meds - Co-Diovan (HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE / VALSARTAN) since then.
The blood-pressure was not high but I decided to take meds rather then
do jogging every day.
Only recently I notices that Urea (B) and Uric-Acid cam above normal
right after I started with Co-Diovan.
I also started 2 years ago with Avodart and Xatral against slightly
enlarged prostate.
Recently I had pain in the Thumb toe. family doc gave me diet against Gout.
Also I did X-ray for a periodical checkup and the doctor (another
doctor) now suspect that I maybe have Ankylosing spondylitis.

I am worried. Tomorrow I will make some blood-tests.

I would be happy for information.
Are there any now relationships between those diseases and HCV or
Interferon or the hyper-tension meds that I am taking ?

I would be happy for any good information.
Thank you,
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