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Has anyone Post SVR, gotten COVID?

Hi everybody.  I am just being nosy I guess.  I am wondering how my old friends from HEP C days, are doing?  Is everybody COVID free? I hope so.  I have a crazy theory that some of us that spent years fighting a virus, got our immune systems primed up really good and that we are probably going to be able to have a good ability to fight off COVID.  I might be wrong.  I know that they are completely different viruses.  But, immune systems need to be exercised. If people were to live in a bubble their whole life and then were exposed to COVID, they would more than like have a weak immune system.  Our immune systems were fighting off a virus for years before we got cured. For me it was over 30 yrs.  I have not really sheltered in place.  Even when the stay in place was in effect, I was still going out to the grocery store every day, and also walking outside in the park.  I was wearing a mask when I went to the grocery store.  But, since March 18th when my gym reopened, I've done a lot of things w/o a mask and I am virus free.  My gym does not require a mask to go there and honestly it makes it harder to breathe, so I don't wear one when I'm working out.  I've just been staying 6 ft away from people and sanitizing/washing hands frequently and that's about it.  I am under 65 though, so probably not as high of a risk as some people.
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I am fine and hope you and others are too.  Been very much in “Stay Home Save Lives” since early March.

I too have thought about our immune system after so many treatments before cure.

Right now I am dealing with HCC so there is that.

Best hope for everyone during these strange times.

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I hope for you to have a good outcome with your HCC.  Sorry that you have to deal with that!
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Washington State was one of the first hit. I sheltered from March 25th to May 5. Went to the grocery store but social distancing and wearing a mask. I guess since I have cirrhosis I’m considered immune compromised and also 62. So I’m being careful. I don’t know anyone who tested positive and don’t interact with many people normally.
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