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Has anyone else tried Prednisone?

I recently found a post from someone who had the great idea to try Prednisone. A side effect is lowering your immune system. I believed my immune system had been in overdrive for 15 years from interferon which was the main reason for my fatigue. After a week of 5mg daily the effect was amazing. I felt as close to the old me as I had in 15 years. Other than that I focus on anything and everything for ATP (energy): D-ribose, strattera, drinking alkaline water, NADH, fresh organic vegetable juice and exercise (not a complete list by any means). I'm curious if anyone can relate to this? If your dr. won't prescribe the Prednisone for your without a good reason you can order it easily online. I was borderline diabetic too but not a "candidate" for Metformin. So I ordered that online too. I cut the dose in half and it worked beautifully. My point is I've been searching for help from doctors for 15 years and my only conclusion for Post Interferon Syndrome is to fix it yourself. I did it. You can too
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