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Hematologist Post treatment?

Good Morning -  I finished treatment and was undetected in May of 2012 (riba, interferon, bocep) and have felt good most of the time, but lately I have been really sluggish. My liver biopsy was stage 2/2. Do you guys still see a liver Doctor after you finish treatment? Thinking I should at least have a Doctor on hand....just curious to know what you guys do?

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I think it wouldn't hurt to see a hepa and get Labs and maybe a scan, since it has been about 3 years and you are feeling sluggish lately.  Tell him your history, if he s/he is not the hepa who treated you before and how you are feeling and what tests you have had in the interim, if any.  Then ask for the Labs, Scan, etc (good Dr will know th drill), JUST to be on the safe side.

I do not expect that your hepc is back....in fact, I would be very surprised, if it were, however, you need the peace of mind that follow-up will give you.

Good luck, and continued good health!


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Hi there!  Good to see you!  I still see a hepatologist yearly to get a sonogram and tested for liver cancer.
Did you obtain SVR six months after treating?
Take Care
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Hello V - I cleared HCV in 2014.  Still see my Hepa for several more years on a scheduled basis - quarterly blood work this year. every 6 mos. next year and then annually,  I have an MRI and endoscope next month checking on varices and status since EOT.  Related disorders to to the tx could show up anytime, and recurrence possibility and liver cancer.  Am cirrhotic so I may always be at risk for HCC.  It is what it is.  Best to you - ZM
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