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Hepatitis C Treatment - 6 Months Past Treatment and Beyond

What was your treatment drugs?  How long since treatment ended?  Has Hepatitis C treatment improved your life
and how?
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"Focus all on the question.  Yes we can really talk about all the bad things to treatment.  But what did you gain from treatment."

Ya know, life is really interesting! I have come to believe that there is a reason for everything. Call it destiny - some can decide to turn their back on it...

I usually grab my destiny with full gusto... that old saying about lemons and lemonade, right! I know so many people who are so lucky going thru life looking for whata, coulda, shoulda!

I was diagnosed while living a great life in San Francisco! The life of an artist! At 40 I was running and single gear cycling the hills of SF! Fit as a horse! The city had no funds to treat and told me what healthy things to do and I did them.

I was called to help my parents in PA. PA had tons of money to play with peoples health. Once disabled, and fighting for years I won disability. With my parents help and destiny have a beautiful home. Lovely things in it. I live a simple life but miss many things!

My big destiny was to save my parents life. I won't go into details but it was the reason I was brought home!

Becoming an advocate for oneself and others is an amazing tool to have. Most doctors really appreciate it and a few fear us. Maybe that is the greatest gain from treatment!
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Are you asking dor input?  (Not there, yet, myself). Just asking.  Pat
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Interferon + Riba = 72 weeks of pure h*e*l*l*.

Ended July 2005.

... after reading thru my list of post treatment issues (about 1 year later) to one of the head nurses at the University of Pittsburgh Liver Center the nurse repeated a number of times "I am sorry we destroyed your life!"... things have not gotten any better so I would have to say that treatment not only destroyed the hep c virus but my life.

Thru it all I do try to stay positive but I will never forget those words. At least a validation but WoW!
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Intron A 3 shots a week treatment ended 20 years ago

Interferon with Ribavirin treatment ended 14 years ago

Interferon, riba plus a trial med treatment ended 10 years ago  

Sovaldi Olysio treatment ended 9 months ago

Currently treating with Harvoni

No known impact on my life except for not being cured and the damages from cirrhosis
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Hi did you treat for 48 weeks each time?  I am impressed
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This was written by another member a year ago.  It really hit home for me.  I hope it is ok to share it here

Before taking interferon and ribavarin (Roche's Pegasys Copegasys), I was a busy office manager at a successful structural engineering firm, I ran our own online family business, I traveled regularly, I was active in the community and at my children's schools and activities, I was social and gregarious, physically active, upbeat and generally quite happy and content. I was able to multi task and was energized in large groups if people. I was successful and felt good. After discovery of the hep c virus and recommendations by three gastroentenologists for me to try the treatment I embarked in the worse medical nightmare if my life. Oh yes I'm still, over five years later hep c free after the horrific 48 week treatment but my life has never been the same. I lost my job within months if starting, then I lost my mind. I am now agoraphobic, anxious, have panic disorder, am agonizingly depressed, suffer from bone pain, nerve pain to the point if soft touch hurting me and exhaustion that never ceases. Medications do not seem to help enough that I can feel normal. I go nowhere now. My husband lost his sexy loving  wife, my kids lost their happy healthy mom, my friends lost their copilot and I lost me. This is no kind if life I'd wish on anyone and I am one of the lucky ones. I just pray sometime soon these poisons are removed from the market. Every life is worth saving. Learning to live with hep c would be my choice if I ever had to make it again.  The profit should not be worth these kinds of human costs. What ever happened to compassion and logic. I hope you never have to experience this kind of living death. If you're thinking of the treatment, don't do it. Exhaust every other healthy safe alternative.  Something better will come.  Peace and love be with you.
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yes I could've written that. thanks for sharing.
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Focus all on the question.  Yes we can really talk about all the bad things to treatment.  But what did you gain from treatment.  

I can say that I did decide to retire after treatment due to the fact I was having a very hard time focusing.  My work required that I assure the safety of others and in the condition I was in just after treatment I didn't feel I could do that.  In fact, it took a lot longer than I every imaged.  Some days wondering if I would ever be the same.  

But it turned out that retiring wasn't such a bad idea.  My job was very stressful and employment was full of lots of negative employees.   So I'm good with having to retire.  

So here I sit.   Helping others and noticing that I do feel pretty good for the most part.

What I gain from Hepatitis C treatment is that I no longer fear that I may die from liver failure.   That I don't worry obsessively about infecting others.
That the ongoing possible damage from chronic hepatitis C has stopped.
I get to write cured down on medical forums.  I have a new found knowledge of all things Hepatitis C and enjoy helping others who are struggling to understand it.   I'm I happy I don't have Hepatitis C?  Yes!

I have noticed that my system seems to be working better.  That I don't have days where my site is blurry as before treatment.  I pay more attention to my general health.   My ALT & AST have gone from the high
30s (10 years before treatment)  to the high teens.  Which means my liver has improved and most likely why other functions are working better.

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I treated with Incivek for 12 weeks and interferon and ribavirin for 24 weeks.
The Incivek triple treatment.  
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"Focus all on the question.  Yes we can really talk about all the bad things to treatment.  But what did you gain from treatment."

I am about to take my Chronic Fatigue Nap so will mull over your rephrased (or I will rephrase) question...

It would have been better to ask "How has Hepatitis C treatment improved your life?" (Instead of: Has Hepatitis C treatment improved your life and how?).

As before you leave the question open. Has __________?  = Yes or No? Then you add how _______ .

That is what I read anyways, I was horrible with English all thru Uni so maybe I am wrong and someone could correct me!

later, f
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I saw this woman posting when this question was asked back in April, I think.  I am not sure anyone saw it so thought I would copy and paste, I hope that is ok

I could have written it too, just not as well as she did.
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I am not in fear of progressive liver disease or potentially infecting someone else...or having to fear telling anyone (though I still will tell anyone I am intimate with that I have had and treated sucessfully my hepatitis c).

My skin and coloring look a little better...and my skin is not as dry (not sure why - my liver status was evaluated as F0-F1 prior to treatment).

I sleep better...and my dry eyes have improved...could be a coincidence.

I am less anxious.

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